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PC Futures collects stakeholder signatures faster with Signeasy

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PC Futures

PC Futures collects stakeholder signatures faster with Signeasy

The Company

PC Futures is a web- and app-based IT business located in Suffolk, United Kingdom. They offer business-centric IT advice and services to local businesses such as Barton Electrical, a specialized contractor that services businesses and homes.

The Challenge

Barton Electrical required an e-signature solution to simplify the validation process for their onsite work. Using traditional pen and paper to complete the procedure meant that documents had to be sent back and forth, a process that began taking up valuable time, delaying payment schedules, and affecting the company’s productivity. Another frequent occurrence was receiving documents in poor condition back at the office: their engineers would often be working on-site in all weather, rendering their timesheets quite tattered by the time they were submitted. In an effort to protect their revenue and improve their overall performance, Barton Electrical reached out to PC Futures to find an e-signature solution that their engineers could adopt quickly and easily to smooth out the process.

How is Signeasy used?

PC Futures created custom-made templates to be loaded onto the Barton Electrical engineers' iPads and other mobile devices. These templates were integrated into the Signeasy app, enabling staff to make annotations live from customer's worksite. Once the onsite work was complete, the client would sign the form, validating the work from the customer's end to settle payments quickly and without delay. Pictures of the work were also taken at the time, for times at which the clients paying the bill were not able to be present during the engineer's visit.


No more damaged, lost, or misfiled documents

As soon as Barton’s work is completed, the signed timesheet and corresponding pictures are emailed to the accounts team to be processed and invoiced. Engineers used to complete the sheets manually, carrying them around all week and bringing them to the office every Friday. Now, they add annotations to the floor plan, take pictures of the finished work, and attach said pictures to the document along with other supporting information taken onsite – all in real-time.

Quicker payments

Invoicing no longer takes an entire week, as work orders are saved to Dropbox on the spot and invoices are processed immediately.

Human Resource control

The immediacy of the new digitized process also enables the company to keep track of their employees. A timestamp is generated with every client visit.

Offline signatures

Some clients are located in areas where there is no internet connectivity. Fortunately, this does not require a return to traditional paperwork. Barton electricians can use Signeasy to fill work orders offline and save them as drafts to be finalized at a later time.

"The solution which PC Futures delivered in conjunction with Signeasy has saved us money and streamlined our back office and engineer's processes. It has saved us considerable amounts of money and improved efficiency."

Barton Electricals

The Pain Point


Loss of time due to delayed documentation processes

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