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Mercure Hotel reduces turnaround on high contract volumes with Signeasy

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Mercure Hotel

Mercure Hotel reduces turnaround on high contract volumes with Signeasy

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Mercure Hotel Suites & Apartments in Dubai faced operational challenges with handling thousands of physical contracts and collecting signatures. By using Signeasy’s eSignature and contract workflow capabilities, they successfully digitized their operations and eliminated approx. 10,000 printouts, and reduced the contract turnaround times.

With Signeasy’s template feature, they ensured consistency and compliance across contracts, sped up the sending process, and reduced the risk of errors. The tracking feature helped them see how contracts progressed and identify where they got stuck. This improved operational efficiency and enhanced the overall experience for staff and clients at this leading hospitality establishment. 

Mercure Hotel: A blend of comfort and innovation

Nestled in the vibrant center of Dubai, Mercure Hotel Suites & Apartments is a top hospitality choice with 1015 well-appointed suites and apartments. 

Recognized for its dedication to an exceptional guest experience, it has received prestigious awards like the World Luxury Award for Luxury City Serviced Apartments and the Best Hotel Apartments at the Arabian Travel Awards 2023. 

Whether you’re a traveler or a business professional, Mercure provides a perfect combination of comfort and excellent service in the heart of Dubai.

We spoke to Mercure Hotel’s Fonyuy Youla Emile, IT Manager, who steers the technological transformation within the hotel to gain insights into the ongoing initiatives and advancements in their contract workflow operations.

Tackling high-volume paperwork and inefficient contract workflows

Fonyuy outlined all contract workflow challenges the team faces. First, they handled a high volume of paperwork, dealing with tens of thousands of printouts monthly. This slowed down transactions and incurred high paper, ink, and power consumption costs. In addition, many of their guests hail from outside Dubai, leading to slow approvals and potential delays in closing critical deals.

Ensuring contract consistency according to company policies included manual intervention. Folks were internally implementing changes in the contracts, making it hard to track them and ensure that they adhered to company policies.  

“Our contract workflows typically include five signers on average, possibly reaching double digits depending on the document’s complexity. The lack of visibility into the contract’s progress and where it’s stuck made our workflows complex.”~ Fonyuy Youla Emile

Fonyuy and his team initially considered Adobe Sign to streamline their paperwork. However, it was found to be tailored for larger enterprises with extensive budgets. Signeasy stood out due to its user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness. 

“After evaluating options like Adobe Sign, we chose Signeasy for its competitive pricing without compromising functionality. It’s not just about cost savings; it’s about getting the same electronic signature capabilities at a more affordable rate. Signeasy has become integral to our sales, accounts, and procurement teams’ day-to-day operations.” said Fonyuy.

Mercure Hotel started using Signeasy in 2022. Currently, they use eight seats (all active) on Signeasy, highlighting the platform’s widespread adoption. The procurement team uses it extensively to get signatures from guests and send justification letters, FFNL letters, etc. The finance and sales teams primarily use it for reviewing and signing documents.

Mercure’s strategic move to Signeasy’s eSignature and contract workflow solution

Mercure Hotel turned to Signeasy, which initiated a shift to digital processes. The platform effectively tackled the challenge of reducing paper usage and associated costs by digitizing the end-to-end contract signing process. 

Streamlining turnaround time and contract approvals

The most remarkable change lies in the turnaround time for contract processing. With Signeasy, the once laborious task of signing, sending, and tracking physical contracts has transformed into a seamless digital process. Fonyuy notes that the processes that used to take weeks are now completed in days. 

Signeasy introduced in-depth visibility into the contract progress and sent automated reminders, ensuring smooth collaboration and timely approvals, even with multiple stakeholders involved. 

“With an average of five signers per contract, sometimes reaching as high as 10 or 11, Signeasy has simplified our signing process. The ability to track the document’s progress in real-time and easily follow up with signers has significantly reduced our contract completion time.”, says Fonyuy.

Template feature to maintain consistency

A standout feature for Mercure’s team is Signeasy’s template functionality. Fonyuy appreciates the ability to create templates aligned with company policies, ensuring consistency across documents used by different teams and users. 

Fonyuy said, “Signeasy’s template feature ensures our documents adhere to company policies. It’s a must-have for us, as it streamlines our processes, maintains consistency, and prevents unauthorized changes. This feature has been crucial.” 

Before Signeasy, the absence of standardized templates meant documents could deviate from established guidelines, risking discrepancies and non-compliance. With this feature, the admin (in this case, Fonyuy) sets up templates conforming to company policies and shares them with the team. The team selects the appropriate template, inputs new information, and sends it out for signatures. 

Signeasy and Mercure Hotel: partnering for operational excellence

The impact of Signeasy on Mercure’s daily operations has been remarkable. Emphasizing the reduction in paper usage, Fonyuy estimates saving up to 10,000 printouts monthly. 

The streamlined contract workflows ensure consistency and adherence to company policies, eliminating potential errors. Real-time visibility into document statuses empowers the team, reducing delays and improving efficiency in a multi-signatory environment. 

“Signeasy’s impact on our organization is twofold — cost savings and efficiency. Beyond just reducing paper and printing costs, the platform has streamlined our contract workflows. It has brought visibility into the signing process, making it easy for our teams to manage and expedite contracts. Signeasy has truly transformed how we handle documentation.”, adds Fonyuy.

As they continue to earn accolades for their excellence in the hospitality sector, Signeasy remains an invaluable partner in their commitment to providing top-tier service with a modern touch.

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We chose Signeasy after evaluating Adobe Sign, thanks to the powerful features they introduced with competitive pricing. We’ve eliminated 10,000 printouts monthly, reducing costs and accelerating our digital transformation. The turnaround time on contracts has gone from weeks to days.
Fonyuy Youla Emile
IT Manager
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