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Transforming Contract Workflows with eSignatures

Look at any business contract today, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be mailed (or faxed) papers to sign. Businesses have realized the advantages of digital contracts over traditional paper-based contracts in speed, ease, and efficiency. eSignatures are fast to deploy with minimal investment compared to other technologies, making it a popular choice among fast-growing companies. According to a recent IDC survey, 39% of organizations have shifted to a digital-first strategy, while 52% have started executing technology investments to meet this strategy.

Dive into the detailed report to learn how eSignatures transform and streamline the contract workflow from start to finish. This exclusive report by IDC sheds light on how the transformation of contracts is critical for a digital-first business — and how eSignature is a critical component of that transformation.

May 17, 2022 11:00 a.m  CT

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Key takeways

  • State of digital transformation of the document and content-centric processes
  • What are the drivers and benefits of adopting an eSignature solution
  • What are the considerations for adopting an eSignature solution
  • Where and how should organizations start with the right eSignature solution
Wish to see easy eSignatures in action?
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