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Legality of eSignatures around the World

Modern businesses are moving away from the traditional paperwork and choosing digital ways of collaborating and connecting with customers and partners. This has pushed the demand for eSignatures, and the impact it has created is tremendous. Be it an individual or a business, anyone who has ever eSigned a document will know how much ease and speed it adds to operations. 

Businesses of all sizes started transitioning towards eSignatures for simplifying end-to-end contract workflows. However, the legality of eSignatures has always been a question. In this eBook, let’s dive into the eSignature laws across some of the crucial regions of the world: the US, the UK, Canada, India, and South Africa.

May 17, 2022 11:00 a.m  CT

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Key takeways

  • What are eSignatures and why are they in demand?
  • What are the different types of eSignatures?
  • A detailed look at eSignature laws in the US, the UK, India, Canada, and South Africa
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