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  • Make forms easy with the best digital signing apps for iOS and Android
    May 22nd, 2020

    Digital signature apps bypass the tiresome print-sign-scan cycle of signing digital documents. They allow you to quickly and easily put digital pen to digital paper, signing online documents with your name, a preset signature, or whatever scrawl you can manage on your touchscreen. Read more

  • Universal Remote webcast: Workplace Flexibility and How Founders are Faring
    May 13th, 2020

    GitLab's Head of Remote Darren Murph talks to Sunil Patro, founder & CEO of SignEasy, about the evolution of knowledge transfer and the ways in which leaders can support and empower their remote teams. Read more

  • Best Android apps for Chrome OS
    May 11th, 2020

    So, Android users, the time has come. SignEasy gets a mention in the list of Android apps that you can use on all your devices that use Chrome OS. Read more

  • eSignature growth skyrockets across all business verticals during COVID-19
    May 2nd, 2020

    A 2.4 times increase in paid subscriptions, and a 3 times increase in sign-ups are just some of the notable trends we are seeing as companies turn to eSignatures to keep important documents moving and maintain business continuity. Read more

  • These Apps Will Boost Work From Home Productivity
    April 29th, 2020

    As a key productivity app, SignEasy allows you to sign off on documents without the hassle of scanning your signature. You can also save your signature, and choose to add it automatically on every signature field on a document. Read more

  • SignEasy Introduces New Features to Help SMBs Complete SBA Loan Applications Quickly and Securely
    Apr 28th, 2020

    SignEasy launched a dedicated resource page, an updated iOS and Web app with a new functionality to help small and medium-sized companies download, complete and sign applications for the SBA’s Payroll Protection Program. Read more

  • What we're learning at SignEasy during Covid-19
    April 9th, 2020

    During this time of crisis, we have learned a lot as a team, received valuable feedback from our employees and customers, and continue to be inspired by our peers in the industry. For other leaders out there facing similar challenges, I wanted to share a few ideas about how to set yourself up for success now, and more importantly, into the future: Read more

  • Face ID Comes to Digital Document Signing, Care of SignEasy
    April 1st, 2020

    SignEasy has become the first digital document signing app to enable support for Face ID, the sophisticated biometric authentication system of Apple’s latest iPhones. 3D facial recognition is now making its way into the digital document signing with this update from SignEasy. Read more

  • SignEasy becomes first digital signing app to support Face ID for completing documents
    Mar 26th, 2020

    SignEasy launched an update that makes it the first digital signing service to support Apple’s Face ID to not only unlock the app but also to complete the signing process. This adds an extra layer of security to get into the app and makes it fast to complete the final step in signing a document with your face. Read more

  • Best life-hack apps to help you be more organised while working from home
    Mar 20th, 2020

    The sudden transition to remote work has been a shocking revelation especially for many when they’re restricted from any social interactions. SignEasy is a part of the list of useful apps that can help you be more organised and effective when working from home. Read more

  • Work From Home With These 14 Best Apps - Available Now On Apple App Store
    Mar 18th, 2020

    SignEasy gets featured in the list of 14 apps that are perfect for work, which you can download via the Apple App Store. Read about how SignEas helps in sustaining that same work efficiency as in an office space. Read more

  • Working from home with Apple's ecosystem of services
    Mar 11th, 2020

    Thanks to how much technology has matured these days, working from home can be just as productive though it would require a wee bit more self-discipline. Malaymail covers the top apps from the Apple ecosystem to support remote work. Read more

  • Here's how you can maximise connectivity and collaboration during Covid-19 outbreak
    Mar 11th, 2020

    SignEasy gets features in the list of solutions that iOS platform users can count on to maximise their productivity. Read more

  • Improve your organization with these apps and gadgets
    Mar 5th, 2020

    Ariel Coro, hispanic speaker show in Despierta shares the list of the top apps and gadgets he recommends for improving productivity. He showcases SignEasy as a easy-to-use, dependable app for getting electronic signatures on all types of documents. Read more

  • Use these 12 apps to show off iOS 13's new dark mode
    Mar 4th, 2020

    The author shares the list of his favorite apps that support iOS 13's dark mode. SignEasy app is loved by users, in dark mode too. Beyond the added benefits of a darker background saving battery life and causing less eye-strain, it just looks good. Read more

  • Enterprise resilience: iOS, Mac tools for remote collaboration
    Feb 28th, 2020

    Enterprises are encouraging use of remote collaboration systems in order to improve business resilience if infection rates rise. Fortunately, there are many remote working and collaboration systems that can be put in place to help. Read more

  • 10 tools to support your accounting practice’s business continuity planning
    Feb 20th, 2020

    If you’re adopting flexible and remote work during this critical period, below are some of the key tech tools that can empower your team. SignEasy helps remote employees continue working during this critical period and allows users to share and collaborate on documents remotely and often in real-time. Read more

  • A couple of tech companies in California have quietly moved HQs to the Dallas area
    Feb 11th, 2020

    Add a couple more names to the list of companies moving to Texas from California – even if the relocations didn't come with a lot of fanfare. Read more

  • SignEasy earns Innovator title again from Aragon Research Globe
    Feb 4th, 2020

    SignEasy has once again been named an 'Innovator' by Aragon Research Globe in the category of Digital Transaction Management (DTM). The report, released annually, evaluates 20 major DTM providers in a market that has become known as the best way to automate legacy paper-based transactions. Read more

  • Meet the iPad, your work computer: These 10 apps make real productivity possible
    Jan 27th, 2020

    For the past eight years, the iPad has been a critical part of my daily workflow. From managing my inbox to coordinating my schedule and writing countless stories, notes, and even editing video -- I've done it all on the iPad. Read more

  • Third-party G Suite Add-ons for Gmail, Drive, and Calendar side panel rolling out
    Jan 21st, 2020

    At Cloud Next 2019 last April, Google announced that the side panel found in Gmail, Calendar, and other productivity apps would open up to third-party developers. Read more

  • SignEasy's New G Suite Add-on Deepens Commitment to Google Cloud
    Jan 21st, 2020

    SignEasy, the leading eSignature solution used by over 130,000 businesses and professionals worldwide, announces its integration with Google Cloud's G Suite Add-ons Read more

  • SignEasy's New G Suite Add-on Deepens Commitment to Google Cloud
    Jan 21st, 2020

    SignEasy, the leading eSignature solution used by over 130,000 businesses and professionals worldwide, announces its integration with Google Cloud's G Suite Add-ons Read more

  • Promised G Suite Add-Ons Are Now Being Rolled Out
    Jan 21st, 2020

    Google has begun to roll out the G Suite Add-ons that it announced last year, effective Tuesday. The add-ons allow users to execute workflows requiring Read more

  • How Sunil Patro created SignEasy while living in hostels
    Jan 2nd, 2020

    As another year comes to a close, I like to take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished as a team and to celebrate our recent successes. Read more

  • 2019 - A year of remarkable growth and culture building (plus a trip to Thailand!)
    Dec 19th, 2019

    As another year comes to a close, I like to take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished as a team and to celebrate our recent successes. Read more

  • Apple is changing the world of enterprise IT
    Nov 12th, 2019

    I spoke with the CEO of one of Apple’s most recently announced enterprise mobility partners, Sunil Patro, founder and CEO at SignEasy, to learn more about Read more

  • SignEasy: The Easiest Way to Sign and Send Documents for Signature
    Nov 11th, 2019

    SignEasy tears down one of the most stubborn barriers to conducting business, especially for those with distributed workforces and remote and field-based teams. Read more

  • Digital signing app SignEasy is now an Apple mobility partner
    Oct 23rd, 2019

    Digital signing app SignEasy has announced it is now an Apple mobility partner. Announced on its blog: Read more

  • New entrepreneur? You need these apps . . .
    June 15th, 2016

    Having the right tools to help in the day-to-day running of your company will make your life much easier, and now they almost certainly come in app form. Here are a selection of the best apps all new entrepreneurs need to be using. Read more

  • 16 standout Android apps with fingerprint support
    May 3rd, 2016

    Take full advantage of your phone's fingerprint sensor with these genuinely useful fingerprint-ready apps...Now, mind you, this isn't a comprehensive list. It's a selective one, featuring apps with fingerprint support that actually strike me as being useful and generally decent in quality. Read more

  • 13 Powerful Apps to Optimize Your Time (And Your Business)
    April 14th, 2016

    While it’s all too easy to lament that we spend too much time glued to our phones, it’s nearly impossible to deny everything that these devices do for us on a daily basis... To help you avoid home-screen clutter, we’ve scoured the web for 13 of the best apps that will help you manage your inbox, keep your to-do list in line, and collect your cool after a long day. Read more

  • The 10 apps making life easy for entrepreneurs.
    April 8th, 2016

    Whether it’s finding a temporary office, organising a project, signing documents or scanning in business cards, you can rest assured there is an app for that... That’s where SignEasy comes in handy. Users can digitally sign documents at the press of a button, wherever they are. Read more

  • 75 Apps That Will Save You Time as a Busy Professional
    January 14th, 2016

    When you're constantly multitasking and putting in long days--and who isn't?--the right apps can be a lifesaver. Once you hit on the combination that works for you, your personal and professional life run more effectively. Suddenly you're less stressed and more productive. Read more

  • Top Five Apps for On the Go Entrepreneurs
    December 30th, 2015

    When you have to constantly be on-the-go with your job, one of the most challenging obstacles to handle can be signing, scanning, forwarding and sending official documents. With SignEasy you can do this all from a single app, meaning whether you are waiting in line at the airport or in the back o a car, you can make sure your documents get to where they need to go. This program is perfect for entrepreneurs who have a lot of paperwork or contracts to sign. Read more

  • App of the Week: SignEasy
    September 11th, 2015

    Electronically sign documents in a clutter-free and easy way with additional benefits of syncing your digitally signed documents to your cloud services. Read more

  • The Most Complete Review of The Gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Note 5
    September 1st, 2015

    The Note series would never have been so unique if it did not have a stylus or S-Pen. The S-Pen is probably the reason the series is called Note in the first place. Keeping in mindthat the Note 5 has an S-Pen and an incredible one too. SignEasy: Signing with the finger is really tedious and often isn’t valid. Signature with an S-Pen is just as good, if not better, as that with a normal pen. SignEasy lets you save your signature and apply it on any document. Read more

  • Whip Out That S Pen! 6 Apps to Use With the Galaxy Note 5
    August 22nd, 2015

    Signing documents with your finger just doesn’t cut it. Although the Note 5 lets you sign PDFs easily already, SignEasy will save your signature, so you can apply it to any document. You can import documents that you need to sign from your email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or even Evernote. The app shows you documents you’ve signed in a library for quick access. Signing with the S Pen is a breeze, and people will actually be able to read your signature. Read more

  • 5 SaaS startups that have withstood Asia’s test of time
    July 24th, 2015

    SignEasy is a Bangalore-based startup founded by Sunil Patro in 2009. It is a mobile-first solution to electronically sign and fill documents from smartphones, tablets, and web. The user can register with the app and use finger touch input or stylus to save their signature.SignEasy also integrated with Apple’s fingerprint recognition system as part of authentication for security. Read more

  • Las mejores ‘apps’ para emprendedores
    July 21st, 2015

    Si busca iniciar su carrera como emprendedor, necesitas las herramientas correctas para acelerar su progreso. Aquí una selección de apps más utilizadas para administrar y compartir proyectos y reuniones. SignEasy permite a los usuarios firmar documentos desde el teléfono. Solo hay que importar el documento, firmar con el dedo y poner las iniciales yla fecha. Por otro lado, permite que los usuarios puedan archivar documentos en la nube con un código de seguridad de cuatro dígitos. Read more

  • SignEasy is among the list of 10 small business apps recommended by Apple
    June 3rd, 2015

    SignEasy, a SaaS based mobile-first solution company has announced that it is only Indian brand that got featured in Apple’s new iPad campaign - “Everything Changes with iPad.” "With over 3 Million Downloads, SignEasy is among the list of 10 small business apps recommended by Apple that change the way small businesses run their business," said the company's official release. Read more

  • Appman reviews: SignEasy
    May 27th, 2015

    SignEasy is the equivalent for iPhone, iPad and Android. You simply use your finger or a stylus to record a signature that you can use any time you need it. Proving that the best things in life aren't, in fact, free, you get to sign three documents with SignEasy as a trial. You can then either buy bundles of signatures or a year's subscription of unlimited documents for £29.99. If you travel a lot but also need to sign lots of documents it's definitely worth trying out. Read more

  • Featuring SignEasy
    May 18th, 2015

    SignEasy was founded by Sunil Patro, a technologist, product thinker and entrepreneur. Since bootstrapping SignEasy in 2010, the business has grown into a profitable company approaching 3 Million downloads with a 5 star rating in over 150 countries, ranked in top 10 grossing apps and top 100 downloaded apps for business, including Apple’s Best New Apps and Editor’s choice picks. Read more

  • SignEasy’s iOS extension lets you sign documents without switching between apps
    Mar 19th, 2015

    If you deal with paperwork often, you’ll love this: SignEasy just launched an extension for iOS that lets you sign documents and send them out without having to switch between apps. The app lets you draw and add a signature, as well as text, images, dates and checkbox symbols to documents in a range of file formats, including PDFs, Word files and JPGs. Read more

  • SignEasy Now Allows Users To Sign Documents From Within Third-Party Apps
    Mar 18th, 2015

    SignEasy, an e-signature solution for consumers and businesses, has announced the launch of an iOS extension that allows users to sign and send documents from within any third party app. Users will now be able to fill and send their documents from within thousands of apps, including Apple Mail, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Slack to name a few. Read more

  • 5 apps for signing documents with your iPhone and iPad
    Feb 25th, 2015

    The dance of printing a document, taking a pen and signing it, then scanning and emailing it to a banker or client is one I think we’ve all done. It’s also extremely inefficient, not to mention annoying.
    The Mac’s handy-dandy Preview app makes it possible to fill out and digitally sign a document, but it’s just as easy to sign from an iOS device, and of course there is no shortage of apps for that. Read more

  • 7 Great Travel Apps to Download Today
    Feb 25th, 2015

    Don’t you hate it when you’re on the road and you get an email that requires you to print, sign and scan a document—and they need it ASAP? It’s not only going to ruin part of your day to track it all down; it’s going to cost you a good penny, too. Well, SignEasy can help. This easy-to-use app allows you to digitally sign documents anywhere in the world straight from your mobile device in lickity-split time. Read more

  • Bob Schukai's Top 2014 Apps
    Dec 19th, 2014

    This is one I’ve loved for a long time that my assistant found for iPad. It allows you to electronically sign and or add text to documents that you receive on email. It’s a huge help for me with my travel schedule. It is also available on Android and BlackBerry. Read more

  • 7 Experts Spill Their Go-To Travel Hacks For Better Trips
    Nov 24th, 2014

    Johnny Jet, travel expert behind Johnny Jet’s Travel News, Tips and Stories newsletter and website, visits over 20 countries a year. So you can imagine his frustration with emails that come in while he’s on the road, requesting a printed, signed and scanned document be returned ASAP. The quick fix? SignEasy. “This easy-to-use app allows you to digitally sign documents anywhere in the world in lickity-split time”. Read more

  • Signing Documents Made Easy
    Oct 29th, 2014

    If you've ever had to sign a stack of documents, you know it's a tedious process that will make anyone shudder. The only thing that's worse than having to sign 20 sheets of a single document, is having to first print out the document, then sign every page, and then scan it back in to send on email. Read more

  • SignEasy lets you sign documents digitally on your phone or tablet
    Oct 17th, 2014

    The app allows you to register your signature and then uses the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S to authenticate it on documents. Signing documents digitally is not unheard of in the corporate world, but it’s easier said than done. Enter SignEasy, an app that utlises the iPhone 5S’ Touch ID sensor to help you sign documents while on the go. Read more

  • The Lone Rangers
    Oct 3rd, 2014

    In the summer of 2009 when Sunil Patro visited his fiance in Mexico, he received an offer letter from a US-based company. Being in a remote location near Riviera Maya, Patro, 35,lost vacation time looking for a printer and a fax to return documents that required his signature over email. This experience gave birth to the idea of creating an electronic signature app that would enable anyone to sign and send documents from the phone. Read more

  • 9 Ways to Up Your PR Game
    Sep 29th, 2014

    "One app I highly recommend is called SignEasy which, as its name suggests, makes it easy for you to sign documents via phone or tablet," says Sarah Rose Attman, who launched her own PR firm two years ago. Read more

  • Best document signing apps for iPad: Sign and send, no pen and paper required!
    Sep 11th, 2014

    SignEasy supports a plethora of different document types including PDF, Word, Pages, rich text, images, and more. Any of which you can import from Dropbox, Box, Google, and more. You can then choose from many different signature types and colors, drag and drop signatures, and more. SignEasy also contains a feature that lets you export a signature of your own for signing emails that require authorization. Read more

  • "The Tech Guy" show with Leo Laporte
    May 9th, 2014

  • SignEasy App Redesigned for iOS7
    Apr 2nd, 2014

    the fresh SignEasy looks monumentally better, loads far more quickly, and has a much improved navigational structure. I found it to be far more enjoyable to use and it is a good thing getting even better. Read more

  • Need A Business Travel Assistant? There's An App For That
    January 31st, 2014

    It can be difficult to stay productive and organized away from the office, especially when you're busy rushing to catch a flight or navigating a strange city, but hiring a full-time travel agent is often too pricey for a small business budget. Instead of adding to your headcount, turn to your smartphone. Read more

  • Young Turks - Microsoft Ventures Demo Day
    December 10th, 2013

  • Microsoft Ventures announces graduation of 13 tech start-ups
    November 30th, 2013

    Microsoft Ventures on Friday announced the graduation of 13 technology start-ups from its accelerator programme in Bangalore. The 13 technology start-ups pitched in front of an audience of angel investors, venture capitalists, mentors and trainers during the demo day of the winter batch of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator programme. Read more

  • SignEasy makes signing documents on the go simple
    November 14th, 2013

    SignEasy has updated their Android app, promising a complete redesign. The new app is touted as being simpler to use, and functional across more document types. Users can also add custom images or stamps, and forward signed documents along via email, or store them in the cloud. Read more

  • IRL: Motorola's Droid RAZR M and the SignEasy digital signature app
    August 13th, 2013

    SignEasy is an app I've been using for well over a year, and frankly, it's one of the reasons I just can't switch to Windows Phone. Presently, the app is available for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android, and it has become such an integral part of my working life that I honestly can't imagine going back to a time without it Read more

  • 4 Apps for Getting Rid of Paperwork
    March 04th, 2013

    Would you like to clear the clutter from your filing cabinets and convert to a paperless office? Many of us would, but it can be tough to avoid the print-sign-scan cycle that so many businesses rely on.
    Signing a new contract or vendor agreement? It can be a hassle to print out all of the paperwork, sign it, scan it, and send it back. Read more

  • 13 top mobile apps for entrepreneurs on the go
    January 19th, 2013

    One of the best mobile apps for entrepreneurs is called SignEasy. It allows you to sign documents via your smartphone. It's great for entrepreneurs who have to sign a lot of paperwork. - Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance Read more

  • SignEasy lets you Sign documents on the phone
    November 28th, 2012

    It isn't uncommon to get a call when you are on a holiday that you needed to sign some important document. It happened to Sunil Patro. "In 2009, when I was vacationing in Mexico, I got an email that I had to sign and fax a few important documents. Read more

  • Sign Easy is the Easy Way to Digitally Sign Documents
    November 21st, 2012

    At some point we've probably all received an email attachment that needs our signature added to it. It's a pain to print that attachment, sign it, scan it, and resend it. Sign Easy is an Android application that can end that cycle for you. Sign Easy makes it easy to put your signature on a digital document. Read more

  • Sign And Save Documents Online
    November 20th , 2012

    Founded by Sunil Patro, SignEasy allows users to sign documents online and manage them. In an announcement today, SignEasy said that they've partnered with EverNote and users can now import their documents directly within SignEasy, sign them, and save them back to their EverNote account. Read more

  • Why it's simpler to bootstrap in India than Silicon Valley
    October 29th , 2012

    After remotely coordinating with an engineer in India, while in the US, Sunil Patro, CEO and founder of SignEasy, a digital signature startup thought it was easier for him to work out of India with a few of his marketing and sales colleagues based out of US and UK. Read more

  • 10 Top iPhone Travel Apps
    August 10th , 2012

    Apps can make your life simple just like the saying, "There's an app for that", implies. When it comes to traveling, the apps I mention below can simplify your life by reducing stress in many areas related to traveling. Read more

  • 42 Life-Saving Apps and Gadgets
    February 14th , 2012

    If a quick signature is all that's needed, document signing and sharing apps like SignEasy can let you ink the deal right from the palm of your hand. Read more

  • Digital Signature App with Facebook integration
    February 2nd , 2012

    Gone are the days when you had to rely upon paper copies of documents to put your signatures on them. With the likes of SignEasy for iOS users, you can even link your Facebook account with the app, letting you sign and share your documents with complete ease. Read more

  • Digitizing Business Processes
    November 28th , 2011

    As smartphone apps keep progressing, more and more business processes are going digital. Another example of an iPhone app, which helps digitize a 'business process' is SignEasy, which allows users to digitze signatures. Read more

  • SignEasy featured in CNBC-Young Turks
    September , 2011

  • Best 30 Apps For ... Documents
    July 23rd , 2011

    Looking for the best app for documents? SignEasy is it! Designed to make signing and handling paperwork entirely mobile and paper-free, SignEasy is totally revolutionary! Read more

  • 5 ways to take advantage of the iPad for business
    July 20th , 2011

    One of my personal favorite uses of the iPad is in-lieu of a fax machine or scanner. I frequently receive forms via email with a request to send them back signed. The problem is, I often don't have access to a fax machine or a reliable printer. Fortunately, thanks to apps like SignEasy, I can email a document, image or PDF to a special address and then affix my signature (either using one I have saved or signing the document fresh). Read more

  • An iOS App for signing PDFs as you go
    July 13th , 2011

    I need to sign a PDF file and it needs to not look like crap. But I'm waiting in line at the airport and can't access a printer or a WiFi signal for my laptop, but I do have my iPhone. What to do? Download SignEasy, a free and brilliantly, easy-to-use iOS app that lets you sign and edit PDFs on the go. Read more

  • The Essential Apps for Business Travellers
    May 9th , 2011

    Quick, straightforward and green, SignEasy allows you to sign invoices, orders or whatever you like on the go. Just import email attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, jpegs, text documents) into the app, add your signature on screen and send without the pain of searching for a printer. Read more

  • For Digitized Documents, Sign with SignEasy
    March 30th , 2011

    You know the whole process of someone emailing you a document to sign, you printing it out, signing it, scanning it, emailing it to the sender and then sending them the original for backup? You don't have to do that anymore. Yea, welcome to the 21st century. Meet SignEasy. Read more

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