Looking for an alternative to DocuSign?

You know DocuSign but are looking for alternatives that are simpler, easier, and powerful. You have indeed landed in the right place because SignEasy is designed to be an effortless part of your work.

Why use electronic signatures

Electronic signatures: a legally binding and fully traceable way to sign documents.

You're looking to adopt an eSignature solution quickly

SignEasy is simple to implement and use. And that makes us a perfect alternative to DocuSign for SMBs. You won't need a complex implementation process, and you will be able to sign documents and gather unlimited signatures, in just minutes.

You need to get lots of work done on-the-go

SignEasy started as a mobile app. Working on the go is in our DNA. When you're on the go with your phone or tablet, our app is there for you to sign something or request a signature. More than 130,000 customers rely on us to get the job done!

The whole app is true to its name - EASY. I have used Docusign too and found this to be so much better and easier to use - both through web-based interface and through mobile apps.

HR Professional

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SignEasy - A leading eSignature solution for SMBs

7 Million


25 Million

Documents signed

1 Million

Documents sent for signature

You're looking for form and function

Other platforms are often saturated with features that sound cool, but end up overcomplicating things. SignEasy is powerful, yet simple: everything that you actually need, contained within a sleek interface. Proof: we’ve got a 9.2 ease-of-use rating on the tech review site G2!

Its simple and effective. SignEasy is a great way to keep the flow of business moving!

Byron V

Small Business Owner

You spend every dollar wisely and appreciate transparent pricing

We have pricing options available for individual users and businesses of all sizes. As your usage grows, we have plans that adapt to your needs and budget. Go ahead, check out our pricing, or better yet, request a quote and see how favorably our pricing compares.

SignEasy is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses

Fastest time to value

Get started within minutes of choosing SignEasy as your eSignature solution.

Streamlined business processes

Empower each department to go paperless and improve efficiency.

Secure, reliable and compliant

Compliant with all major electronic signature legislation across the globe.

You appreciate when
companies go the extra mile

Our client care is head and shoulders above the competition: we are consistently rated #1 in customer support among eSignature solutions for SMBs. We work to make sure your experience with us is 10/10, making us an awesome DocuSign alternative.

From the Account Manager to Support, everyone has been wonderful to work with. They are responsive and truly care.


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You're excited about innovation that makes you more efficient

Our engineers never fail to amaze us with innovative features that customers love. We are considered an industry leader for features like signing using FaceID or TouchID, dark mode for iOS, multi-window support for iPad, and more!

Simple, secure, dependable. My preferred document signing tool for years.

Ty D


Legally binding and secure eSignatures

ESIGN Act & eIDAS compliant

Compliant with the ESIGN Act, eIDAS and recognized globally.

Advanced security features

Passcode, fingerprint and FaceID authentication.

SSL encryption

Documents are sent and stored using SSL encryption.

Digital audit trail

Signer email address, device IP, document fingerprint, and user's FaceID.

Need more reasons? Read on

You love Apple, and the App Store loves us! SignEasy is the top-rated eSigning app, and we consistently rank among the top 100 highest-grossing business apps worldwide. We are an Apple mobility partner, an official launch partner for Google Cloud's G Suite Add-on framework.
No matter which corner of the world you call home, you can make our software your own: SignEasy is available in 24 languages. We also support multiple date formats, ink colors, and font options for a delightfully personalized experience.
Whether you are an NGO gathering signatures on your petitions to effect social change, or a candidate collecting signatures from voters, SignEasy is the only eSignature solution that offers a plan that doesn’t restrict usage. Makes us a very compelling alternative to DocuSign, right?

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Frequently asked questions

Are electronic signatures legally acceptable?
Yes, electronic signatures are just as legally binding as wet ink. SignEasy is compliant with all major eSignature legislation, including eIDAS in the EU and the ESIGN Act in the United States.
Are electronic signatures secure?
With SignEasy, each signed document is 100% legally binding, and comes with an audit trail to prove its validity.
What are e-signatures used for?
Whatever you need to sign, electronic signatures can get the job done. You can use SignEasy to complete contracts, forms, agreements, job offers, purchase orders, invoices, and so much more.
How do I sign a PDF document online?
All you need to do is import your PDF document into your SignEasy account, then proceed to either sign it yourself or request a signature from someone else.
Is there a difference between eSignature and digital signature?
Yes. An eSignature is simply a digital version of your wet ink signature, while a digital signature uses certificate-based IDs to verify a signature's validity.
What document formats does SignEasy support?
SignEasy is compatible with most leading document types, including Word and PDF.
How do I add a signature in SignEasy?
Simply log into your SignEasy account, import the document you need to sign, and add your signature using the "annotations" toolbar.
How can I create documents easily to send for signing?
Any document you create is a document you can easily send out for signature!