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TransCold Distribution future-proofs HR processes with Signeasy

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TransCold Distribution Future-Proofs HR processes with Signeasy

TransCold Distribution future-proofs HR processes with Signeasy


The HR department at TransCold Distribution dealt with hefty paperwork. It led to many operational delays with back and forth between managers and employees for getting critical documents signed. The TransCold team could foresee how digital contract workflows can eliminate the need for paperwork and simplify processes across departments. Hence, they sought a modern contract workflow and eSignature platform that could enhance process efficiency and boost team productivity.


TransCold Distribution has been one of the leading providers of best-in-class distribution, storage and warehousing services, with customer service as their utmost priority. TransCold made its mark over the years as one of the largest distributors of ice cream, frozen, and dry foods, with clients spread across Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Southern California. Their vision has been to provide the best services in distribution, storage, and warehousing across North America with customer satisfaction being at the core of what they do. 


TransCold’s HR function needed an intuitive platform to digitize tons of documentation related to new hires and employees and eliminate the use of paper. Having paper-based contracts was deteriorating the experience for the HR professionals and employees alike, taking a massive toll on employee engagement. They started using DocuSign to plug digitized contracts into their ecosystem, but realized that it wasn’t the right fit for their needs and did not offer value in the long term. That’s when they started looking for a solution that brought them the best of both worlds: eSignature and contract workflow management capabilities at a flexible price point.


To future-proof its HR department and get rid of paper processes, the TransCold team chose Signeasy. For them, Signeasy’s eSignature and contract workflow platform not only met a temporary need — it streamlined the process of getting over hundreds of employee and applicant documents signed but also helped them do it in a matter of days. The team no longer had to deal with messy scanned, printed documents and chase managers or employees for signatures. 

From DocuSign to Signeasy: Choosing flexibility, empathetic support, and transparent pricing

When they started looking for a strategic partner to streamline contract workflows, TransCold realized that Signeasy’s pricing model is thoughtfully designed for fast-growing businesses like theirs. Unlike DocuSign, there was no fear of hidden pricing or overages adding up. They also realized that by choosing Signeasy, they don’t have to upgrade to the enterprise plan for availing HIPAA or dedicated support. They could get access to a customer success manager, whether they required 5 licenses or 50. With features that are barely used and exorbitant pricing, the team reached a conclusion that DocuSign was no longer the right fit for them. 

The number of hours saved by the team per day has been significant over time, and they have realized immediate returns on investment. The team is happy with the impact Signeasy is creating as a product and the support they get for accommodating their ever-changing business needs. From there, the team started plugging Signeasy into more complex corners of HR and are excited thinking about how else they can use Signeasy across other departments down the line. 

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“The team at Signeasy listened to the improvements we wished to see as users and have implemented these promptly. We’re impressed with the commitment of their sales, implementation, and development teams — they work hard to ensure that the application serves our needs well. We are a happy customer!”
Emelda Thompson
Managing Director, Human Resources
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