How Signeasy helped Camen Behavioral Services become 90% more productive

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How Signeasy helped Camen Behavioral Services become 90% more productive

The Company

Camen Behavioural Services is an applied behaviour analysis company that serves families with disabled children. CBS creates a customized plan for each child to help them overcome problem behaviours, making it easier for them to integrate into community settings like school (and even the clinic itself).

The Challenge

We spoke with Kayleigh Guy, the Program Director at CBS, to understand how Signeasy has helped them up their game. For the last 4 years, her role has been to create behavior plans for each child, help supervise employees to make sure the plans are being implemented correctly, update programs as needed, and train parents so they can support their child's progress at home.

Every 6 months or so, Guy and her team have to turn out approximately 300 individual behavior plans, with 30 to 50 pages apiece. Before Signeasy, not only was the process of printing them out "wasting a lot of paper and ink," but it also required parents to come to the office to physically sign off on their child's plan.

To hear Guy tell it, the whole process was chaotic: parents would arrive flustered with their children on their arm and their cell phone ringing off the hook, making it hard to focus on such a lengthy (and important!) document.

CBS also had some compliance-related concerns about keeping tabs on all of their documentation. "We are audited for our paperwork, so we wanted to find an electronic streamlined way to be able to house all of these signatures," said Guy.

In short, the wet ink on-boarding process was highly inefficient, eco-unfriendly, and very time-consuming. It was time to go digital.

“We are audited for our paperwork, so we wanted to find an electronic streamlined way to be able to house all of these signatures.”

- Kayleigh Guy, Program Director at CBS

The Solution

Before making the final call, CBS looked at a number of competitors, but Signeasy's pricing and ease-of-use won them over. The ability to add multiple seats to a single account was also a big plus.

Hassle-free signing on all sides

"The site is very easy to use, which is nice!" said Guy. "Whenever it sends emails to the parents, or whoever we need to send it to, [...] it's easy for them to sign where we need them to. Then it sends us notifications, which we love."
For parents, Signeasy gives them the freedom to look over their child’s behavior plan whenever they have a quiet moment, instead of rushing through it at the CBS office. Once they’ve given it a thorough read, they can sign and send it back.

Cutting down on paper waste

Instead of printing out 30 to 50 sheets of paper 300 separate times, CBS can feel good about the paper they're saving with Signeasy. Parents still have the option to print a hard copy if they want, but on the CBS side of things, their stack of behavior plans can be organized and stored with ease, totally paper-free.

A wealth of integrations

Following our conversation, Guy said she was planning on using our Google Drive integration and Gsuite add-on to make things even simpler for document storing. CBS backs up their files in a few different locations, so something as simple as a single-click file transfer to Google Drive is a huge plus for them.

Time-saving templates

Since documents like their informed consent forms never change, creating a simple template means CBS can slash the amount of time they spend setting up documents within our software. Down to the document fields, once a template is stored, all they have to do is click and go.

Security where it counts

Since CBS provides health-related services, they need to keep an eye on compliance and security. Guy appreciated the fact that Signeasy offers a private, secure platform with a detailed audit trail for each document, so they can sign and send their behavior plans with confidence.

The Pain Point

Since they get their paperwork audited, they also needed a way to easily organize their files in a single location.

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