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Web Design Proposal Template


As a web designer, you are an expert at producing stunning, alluring web pages that captivate people and make it simple for them to access required information and data. However, you will need to produce proposals in order to attract new clients and obtain additional work from current clients. This web design proposal template can be used to create proposals in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) or to showcase your skills to prospective clients. The use of electronic signatures (e-signatures) in web design proposal templates has become increasingly popular as a way to streamline the contract process and improve efficiency. E-signatures allow for quick and easy digital signing of the proposal, eliminating the need for printing, mailing, or faxing physical copies. This can save time and money, and also allows for easy tracking and storage of the signed proposal. Additionally, e-signatures provide a secure and tamper-proof record of the agreement, ensuring the authenticity and legality of the contract. By integrating e-signatures into a web design proposal template, businesses and organizations can improve the speed and security of the contracting process, making it more convenient and efficient for all parties involved.

Executive Summary

The executive summary should always be included at the beginning of the proposal, even though you have a lot of creative discretion while writing it. The services you are providing, the client requirements, and the reasons your organization is qualified to execute these responsibilities will all be summarized in this part. Highlight the main advantages the client will experience. Will the new website, for example, enable the client to take advantage of a gap in a potential specialty and position themselves for more profits? If that's the case, include it.

About Us

Give a brief description of your web design business. Tell us how, when, and by whom your business was started. Give a few examples of significant websites you've built in the past, concentrating on sites related to the project you're presently promoting. By outlining your unique selling points, you may persuade the reader that you are the finest web design company for the project.

Approach and Recommendation

The approach for your project will be outlined in this portion of your proposal, with an emphasis on how you'll address the issues raised. On that behalf, you are welcome to offer your suggestions.

Process and Deliverables

Describe each phase or sprint in the project timeline. Depending on when you receive feedback at each milestone, you will need about 12 weeks to do the work indicated in the project scope. As soon as the proposal is signed, you are ready to get to work.


Here, you must highlight and describe the advantages of your solution and how they will help the business.


Your customer gains insight into how users will experience their website during the design phase. You should put out their expectations for the various design phases, such as starting with a basic wireframe to give them a concept of the content and layout.


In the proposal, be sure to highlight your design proficiency. At the conclusion of your proposal, include eye-catching content like the gallery of screenshots from websites you have previously built to offer the customer an idea of your aesthetic and skill level.


In this section, convert the wireframe into a high-fidelity design that depicts precisely how each page of the website will appear once the wireframe has been approved. This will be returned to you as an interactive prototype that enables you to navigate the website as though it were live. Then, before approving and starting work, try to iterate and make any last adjustments.

Technical Sanity checks

A sanity check ensures that a portion of the system or methodology works as expected by performing a very quick run-through of the functionality of a computer program, system, computation, or other studies. This frequently occurs before a round of testing that is more in-depth.


The main part is the development of the landing page. The technical team will begin creating the website to satisfy the requirements of the stated goals after the blueprint has been finalized.

Quality Checking

A business uses the quality checking process to make sure that product quality is preserved or increased. The business must establish an atmosphere where management and employees pursue excellence in order to conduct quality checks.

Deploy and Launch

Source code is moved during deployment from one controlled environment to another. Launch, on the other hand, consists of a number of modifications that users might encounter in the proposal.


How long will the project take to complete? Again, the details in this part must be very clear, including dates and hours. In order to cover everything in this part, break down the project as thoroughly as you can. You may make a table with the dates and the various project stages included in it.

Remember that the timeline is only a speculative forecast subject to change. You must take into account the reality that there will be bumps in the road. Before deciding on the dates, talk them over with the client.


Before drafting the proposal, it would be beneficial for you both to openly discuss the prospect's budget. Before you put in the effort of creating a proposal, this talk will help them set a budget for the project and let you know whether or not the project is financially worthwhile for you.


An agreement for a web design proposal is a contract that binds two or more parties. These agreements, which can be formed verbally or in writing, are usually used to specify the conditions of a business relationship. Employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and partnership agreements are examples of common business contracts.


1. What is a web design proposal?

 A written contract between a web designer and potential clients is known as a Web Design Proposal. The needs of the client are made clear, together with the service or item that the web designer will offer and its associated pricing.

2. How do I present a website project within a proposal?

The following are the ways through which one can present a website project within a proposal:

  • Preparing your introduction.
  • Describing the issue that is being fixed.
  • Describing your resolution
  • Presenting a project summary.
  • Describing your procedure.

3. How do you evaluate a website proposal?

The following are the keys for evaluating a website proposal:

Professional Fees

  • Quality of Work
  • Communication
  • Consideration of Bonus

4. What is the format of a web design proposal?

A web design proposal template includes information on the deliverables the web design company is offering, the expectations of the potential client, and the price of the services.

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Web Design Proposal Template
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