These are the 3 best productivity tools for administrative assistants

Administrative assistants are the unsung heroes of the modern workforce. To stay organized and on top of their workload, they need a robust arsenal of tools and applications, but can’t waste hours on finding a gem among rhinestones. With that in mind, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you: here are our picks for the top 3 platforms that will help you become the best admin assistant you can be!



Calendly is an automatic scheduling software that’s great for entrepreneurs and large teams alike, boasting an impressive list of integrations including PayPal, Stripe, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Zoom. Chances are, if your company uses a popular CRM, analytics, conferencing, or payment processing solution, it’s compatible with this snappy software. 

From Outlook to Google Cal, Calendly syncs with and pulls availability data from users’ existing calendars to take the guesswork out of scheduling a meeting: for example, if Bob has a call booked from 1PM to 2PM next Tuesday, that time slot won’t show up on his Calendly schedule. Individual users can also send out links to their Calendly schedules via email, allowing colleagues and clients to book an available slot directly.

Handy features like built-in time buffers, daily meeting limits, centralized expense reports, and confirmation/reminder emails are the icing on the Calendly cake.



Reports. Contracts. Employment offers. Expense trackers. Time sheets. Need we go on? Handling, organizing, and filing mountains of paperwork is all in a day’s work for admin assistants everywhere. But instead of packing a filing cabinet to the gills or stuffing hundreds of manila folders with archived documents, we’ve got a better way to stay on top of your paperwork and signature collection.

Featuring integrations with your favorite tools like Outlook, Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, and Microsoft Teams, Signeasy is an efficiency-boosting eSignature software for signing documents yourself, requesting signatures from others, and saving paperwork to the cloud. All these signatures, of course, are 100% legally binding.

Signeasy is chock full of time-saving features, not to mention it eliminates the need to chase colleagues and clients around for wet ink signatures: you can save easy-access templates of frequently-used documents, track progress, send reminders, and more, on either desktop or mobile (iOS and Android). Plus, eSignatures help save physical space and money by helping cut down on paper!

Letting an important email or follow-up slip through the cracks is an admin assistant’s worst nightmare. Don’t leave important replies or send-offs up to chance: leave it to, a lightweight email reminder app that you can download as an extension for Chrome!

This software adds a simple menu bar to message windows in Gmail, prompting you to set a follow-up reminder at a given time once your email has been sent off, send the message at a predetermined moment, or even choose an automatic follow-up message template. You can also elect to receive notifications when your email has been opened by the recipient. 

As an added bonus, the extension gives you the option to set helpful reminders on webpages, online chats, and social media profiles for an extra layer of sweet, sweet organization.


We’re here to streamline and simplify your everyday workflows, one document at a time. No matter your industry, if you’re an admin assistant, Signeasy is a friend indeed. Let us prove it to you with a 14-day free trial.



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