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Uses of AI in contract management: Insights from Lucy Bassli

Lucy Bassli, a renowned CLM expert, shares her expertise on AI applications and the future of contract lifecycle management in this discussion with Signeasy.

Sudeep Shukla
Sudeep Shukla
June 21, 2024
 min read
Uses of AI in contract management: Insights from Lucy Bassli

Frequently asked questions

Do the minutes of a meeting generated by AI have any legal value?
While AI models are becoming more advanced, there are still uncertainties around the accuracy and reliability of AI outputs, particularly for specialized contexts like legal proceedings. Before fully relying on AI-generated content for legal matters, human validation and oversight from qualified professionals is required.
Is my sensitive contract data safe when using AI?
AI’s reliability depends on platforms. We at Signeasy ensure that all of your contract data stays with us. It doesn’t go to any third party. We only use these third-party APIs or platforms to get responses. And it's not used to train any models. So it doesn't really go out. It's it's safe with us. And it's 100% compliant.
What are the key features you look for in CLM software?
Key features depend on your specific needs. Identify pain points first, then see if a solution's features address those issues.
Sudeep Shukla
Sudeep Shukla
At Signeasy, I lead the Gen AI and new initiatives charter. Passionate about discussing the latest AI innovations and their potential to revolutionize contract management workflows.
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