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How customer interactions reveal growth secrets (but businesses miss)

Discover how to leverage customer insights for business growth with tips from Notion's Head of Customer Success. Learn the best practices for success.

Dhivya Venkatesan
Dhivya Venkatesan
June 5, 2024
 min read
How customer interactions reveal growth secrets (but businesses miss)

Frequently asked questions

How do you turn satisfied customers into advocates for your brand?
There are a lot of ways. Building communities of satisfied customers is one solid way. Make your customers your partner and co-create value with them. And, heavily invest into exclusive champion communities who get early access to your new features.
If you could implement one thing to help bridge the gap between customer success and sales and product, what would that be?
We need to do a better job of sharing information across those departments. Product teams should share details of usage/adoption, and sales teams should share information on prospects' pain points and conversations with customers. Information exchange happening regularly is the key.
What would be your one advice to young professionals starting out in customer success?
There is a renewed spotlight on the relevance of customer success functions. In today’s economy, the focus on retaining your best customers is as strong as acquiring new customers over time. So it's a really great time to be in customer success.
Dhivya Venkatesan
Dhivya Venkatesan
Dhivya heads marketing at Signeasy where she works with an inspired team that believes in authentic storytelling. When she is not doing that, she is writing, traveling, or finding new ways to practise minimalism.
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