Getting past the taxing times

Tax time is just around the corner. And what does that mean for us? Lots of papers, crazy number-crunching and restless nights! Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional or a freelancer, we understand how overwhelming this gets for you. And so, we put together few thoughts to soothe your nerves and help you sail through this stressful period.

1. Believe. You will get through this.

One of the key reasons why you are procrastinating starting off, is the quantum of work that tax filing calls for. But trust me, you will sail through this (just like last year). But do you want to rush through the process and miss out on critical numbers like last year? I am sure you don’t 🙂 The key is to get your act together and just start off. And the faster you get started, the earlier you would get done with it. (Imagine the relief!)

2. Let the D-Day stay on top of your mind

In the rush of work, it’s easy to loose track of time and days. One fine morning when you wake up, all that you are left with are few more days till you hit the deadline. To save yourself from the hopeless scramble that ensues, make sure you mark the deadline on your desk/home calendar or maybe put a sticky note on your fridge or your laptop.

Creating such an aid would ensure that you would plan your tax filing exercise ahead of time, spanning it across the limited time you have at hand.

3. Get on the treasure hunt!

Now that you have made up your mind, it is time to look into that file or that folder on your computer or that application where you’ve been storing all your receipts, investment documents and other records over the year. (I hope you are!)

  • On your marks, get set: Start with the checklist approach. First collect your thoughts and make a list of the documents and information such as your social security number and more, that you would need for tax filing.
  • And go! : Switch off from all distractions and start with collating the required documents.

4. E-sign, e-file, and you are done!

In case you have been filing taxes on your own, after step 3 you are all set to start your tax e-filing process. In case not, you would either have to go for a tax preparation software or connect with a tax preparer and Electronic Return Originator (ERO) to sail through the tax filing process.

If you are a U.S. citizen, taking the ERO route, then here is a nugget of information for you. In case you didn’t already know, the latest guidelines issued by IRS authorizes electronic signatures on Form 8878 and Form 8879, which previously allowed only hand-written signatures or signatures on captured on signature pads. More details here.

This means, your tax-filing can now become hassle-free and quick, by replacing pen and paper with a legally binding and secure e-signature app like Signeasy.

Apple recently featured Signeasy under its ‘Tax Time’ category.

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We are under the ‘Tax Time’ category on @AppStore. Time to give us a spin this #TaxSeason

— Signeasy (@getsigneasy) February 1, 2016

E-signing is as effortless and natural as signing with a pen on paper.  Don’t you want to experience how smooth it feels? Draw your first e-signature right here!

And yes, we know that keeping your records and documents secure is on top of your mind. Here is a quick checklist of how we have you covered on that front:

  • Encryption: We uses 256-bit SSL encryption (similar to banks and financial institutions) on the communication channels between the phone and our servers. We hold original and signed documents securely for you while providing you a choice to remove or delete them as you wish anytime.
  • Audit trail: When you finish signing, you receive a copy of your signed document and we record the time, file name and the signer information to ensure the audit trail.
  • Biometric authentication: Along with rigorously following digital security standards, we have added an extra layer of security to your electronic signatures with the Touch ID based authentication for iOS devices and the Nexus Imprint for Android devices.

Now, how about e-signing your documents this tax season?



Have any questions on e-signing this tax season? Drop us a word at [email protected]

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