How to make each new employee feel welcome during onboarding

With each new hire, the employee onboarding experience begins anew. This critical moment offers companies the chance to start off on the right foot with their new hires by flaunting their warmth and excitement, and successful candidates the opportunity to feel welcomed into the fold right off the bat.

A successful onboarding process is so much more than a firm handshake and a “welcome aboard, kid.” Read on to find out how you can make each new employee feel welcome and motivated during their first days and weeks on the job.

Start before “day one”

By the time your new hire sits down at their desk, onboarding should already be well underway. The simplest way to prove that you value their time is to make sure that the process of sending out a job offer and getting all the necessary paperwork sorted out is a smooth one. As a new recruit, nothing feels worse than being left hanging in the middle of this pivotal moment.

Find yourself an eSignature software that makes this process a no-brainer. The right platform will allow you to send out professional-looking offers that are simple and intuitive to fill out and sign, and will alert you to document updates and changes so you can be ultra-responsive. Using an eSignature software is also a great way to show new hires that you’re a modern, tech-savvy company with an eye towards the future.


It takes a village

Aside from learning the ropes at a new company, integrating into a new social fabric is arguably the most anxiety-inducing part of starting a job. Making employees feel welcome as of the moment they step into the office is an absolute must. Here’s a few ways you can use the human touch to dissolve your new hire’s first-day jitters:

– Have a staff member waiting for them at the door to welcome them inside

– Designate someone to take them around to meet the rest of the office on a one-to-one basis, as opposed to letting them wander around on their own

– Plan a simple team bonding activity, like a welcome breakfast or pizza lunch to get the whole office or department together in the new employee’s honor

– If you’re their direct superior, make sure to carve out 30 minutes to an hour to sit down and establish a personal connection: this experience can range from setting on-the-job expectations to simply enjoying a friendly coffee together

Assign them a “buddy” for the first day, week, or month of work – someone they can feel comfortable going to for small questions or advice


The art of the swag bag

Arrange a tiny surprise for your new hire by having a swag bag waiting for them at their desk. Gifting them a small kit of handy items bearing the company brand is a great way to make them feel like they’re already part of the clan. Heading into that first meeting with a company pen or pouring the inaugural cup of coffee into a logo-emblazoned mug really feels more inclusive!


Frequent check-ins

Did you know that 90% of employees make the decision to stay at a company (or leave) within the first 6 months of work? In the same way that onboarding begins before day one, it also extends beyond the first few days or weeks in the life of a new employee. 

Frequent performance reviews and check-ins – whether bi-weekly, monthly, or every three months – for the first 6 months to a year of a team member’s tenure is a great way to maintain active, productive dialogue between management and new staff. This way, management can give rolling feedback about the employee’s performance, and in turn, the employee can express any questions or concerns about their role as they learn and grow.

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