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How to add a hyperlink in a PDF document

Learn how to add a hyperlink to a PDF using Adobe, Word, or Google Docs easily. In this article, we'll show you how to create them in just a few simple steps!

Regina Motupalli
Regina Motupalli
June 13, 2023
 min read
How to add a hyperlink in a PDF document

Frequently asked questions

Can you add a hyperlink to a PDF?
Yes, it is possible to add hyperlinks to a PDF document. To add a hyperlink to a PDF, you can use Adobe Acrobat, which offers built-in features for hyperlink insertion. Additionally, some other PDF editors or online tools may also support hyperlink insertion, providing options to add links without using Adobe Acrobat.
How do I make links clickable in PDF without Adobe?
To make links clickable in a PDF without Adobe, create the content in a Word or Google Docs file with hyperlinks. Then, convert the file to PDF using online tools or software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs’ built-in converter. The resulting PDF will have clickable links.
How do you add a hyperlink to a PDF in Preview?
In macOS Preview, you can add a hyperlink to a PDF by selecting the text or image you want to link, then right-clicking and choosing “Add Link” from the context menu. Enter the URL or file path to create the hyperlink.
How to add a hyperlink to a PDF using Google Docs?
To add a hyperlink to a PDF using Google Docs, open a Google Doc and create the content. Select the word or phrase. Click “Insert”> “Link” and enter the URL. Convert to PDF: “File”> “Download as”> “PDF Document”.
Why can’t I hyperlink a PDF?
Sometimes, hyperlinks in a document may not work for a few reasons. These include settings not turned on to hyperlink correctly, entering the URL incorrectly, not having an internet connection or improper file conversion settings. To fix this, double-check the URLs, ensure proper conversion settings, and ensure you have a stable internet connection. That should help get your hyperlinks working smoothly!
Regina Motupalli
Regina Motupalli
Regina Motupalli is the Content Marketing Specialist at Signeasy. With over a decade of industry expertise, she specialise in helping B2C and B2B brands effectively market their products and services to the right customers.
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