Driving Productivity in a Small Business Remote Work Environment

The sweeping ‘work from home revolution’ is charging ahead at full-throttle, in the wake of Covid-19. Meanwhile, HR leaders and CXOs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been frantically looking to make remote work, work.

To dispel all your worries relating to telecommuting, we come to you with a solid game plan that includes well thought-out HR strategies and a laundry list of digital initiatives. After all, nothing says “more productivity” like a motivated liquid workforce armed with a bouquet of powerful collaboration and communication tools. Keep in mind that eSignature tools need to become a top priority for SMBs; as the contactless world, where paper rarely crosses hands, becomes the new default.

In such disruptive times, are you concerned about how to drive your remote employees to be more productive than ever before? Yes? Then, this whitepaper is for you.

But let’s back up for a moment and understand what are the common challenges faced by your employees during remote work.

Common Challenges in the Age of Self-Isolation

Before you can build that picture-perfect remote work environment (complete with rich tools and strong management), it’s important to understand the problems your people are facing in light of the current disruption.

  • Employees feel lonely and unsupported
  • Modern 24/7 work culture has resulted in employee burnout 
  • There is a lack of accountability
  • Employees are navigating a confusing environment and a lack of access to information
  • There is reduced collaboration and trust within the team
  • People are experiencing a drop in individual creativity

All this (and more) is what your employees are up against.
Sure, no one chose for the switch to remote work to happen this way. But now that the genie is out of the bottle, the situation begs an important question…


How can you ready your employees to successfully navigate this workplace revolution?

This remote work-focused Signeasy whitepaper delivers insights about:

  • How SMBs can achieve high productivity, as employees work out of home offices
  • Common challenges in the age of self-isolation
  • Top four strategies to building the perfect environment for remote employees
  • How supercharging document workflows, with eSignature tools, can improve employee productivity.

It is time to transform the experiences of your remote sales team, new hires and more with faster and paper-free document workflows. Read about new ideas such as remote hiring, video recordings etc. for improving employee experience. Are you ready for it?

Click here to learn more about the tech tools and HR practices to keep your business running smoothly, even when its entire modus operandi changes.


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