One lucky user just won a lifetime Signeasy subscription

It’s one thing to pay lip service about the importance of customer service and giving your users the moon – but proving that you’d move mountains to make your user base happy is a whole other story.

Our “Win Signeasy 4 Life” contest is our way of thanking one loyal customer for choosing us as their eSignature provider. We put a call out for users to submit a photo or video of them talking about a time when Signeasy came in handy for them, or how our product helps their business on the daily. The prize: a lifetime subscription to Signeasy so they can keep racking up wins, just like the one they shared with us.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve chosen Liz Wagner, who has dubbed herself “The Hotel Lady,” to be our lucky winner. Liz is in charge of finding and managing hotel accommodations for entertainers and athletes while they’re on the road – so, as you can imagine, her line of work comes with its fair share of last-minute requests. Think layovers, pit stops, and the like.

Liz told us that Signeasy has been a lifesaver on many, many occasions. We loved Liz’s candor, and were especially captivated by a mini confession she shared with us in her submission video: “I’m not proud of it, but I’ve been sitting at a funeral and I’ve had to pull up Signeasy to sign a contract or fill out a credit card authorization form.” We feel you, Liz – last-minute paperwork waits on no one.

No matter how many celebrity layovers are in her future, this hotel guru will have Signeasy’s paperwork processing power by her side for life. “It’s saved my life,” she said. “It’s one of the greatest inventions around, and I absolutely love it!”

Watch her winning video below ?


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