How SMBs are staying productive while working from home

In many ways, SMB’s and freelancers are much more agile than large companies: picture a giant container ship changing its course versus a tiny speedboat zipping around. In other ways, though, corporations are far better equipped to handle rapid and unexpected change. In the shift to working from home is made easier with the support of massive IT departments and predetermined contingency plans. Small businesses simply don’t have the infrastructure to implement and maintain such complex systems – they need a turnkey solution that requires little to no training, so they can limit their downtime and losses.

Signeasy, an electronic signature software: a solution conceived with remote workers and dispersed teams in mind. Here’s how some of our SMB customers in various industries have been using our software to navigate the unfamiliar waters of isolated work.


Administrative executives

Administrative staff are the glue that binds every operation together. But in the absence of standard admin workflows that are executed in-office, like walking to a colleague’s desk to collect their signature or using the printer and scanner, communication and productivity are at risk of breaking down.

With Signeasy, paperwork can easily be signed, sealed, and delivered from the comfort of home – no printer or scanner required. Simply upload your document(s) to the platform, sign the paperwork yourself or request signatures from others, then move the signed copy to the cloud once everything is said and done. Signeasy, an electronic signature software, even provides a legally binding audit trail so your compliance is never in question.

“I have been using Signeasy for many years now, and as President of my local teachers union in Central California, I depend on it. Even more since the pandemic of COVID-19. Thank you for making it professionally possible and secure to sign all of my legal documents with this company and its amazing user friendly applications.”
– Gary Arzamendi

With Signeasy, administrative staff can process various types of documents remotely: Invoices, sales contracts/renewals, organizational policies, etc.


Healthcare workers

“Your application helped me sign many documents in order to close important deals especially in our situation nowadays. It is fast, easy to use, and has many options. According to the follow up and support, I am really happy and thankful for everything! Be safe and take care!”
– Lara Azar, Communications Manager, Sutter Health Hospital

Healthcare professionals across the world are at the frontline, fighting the crisis. With Signeasy, they are saving huge amounts of time focussing on providing the best healthcare possible. We are even providing free plans to these heros, to do our bit in supporting them.



The crisis has led many of us to step-up and provide support and go good in the community. Many NGOs are going above and beyond to help people affected by the lockdown and to help daily wage earners survive. We are humbly helping such NGOs by providing them free use of our electronic signature software so they can keep important paperwork moving. NGOs, like many other companies from non-tech sectors needs solutions that are easy to set-up and use. Signeasy is loved by customers for its ease of use and exceptional customer service.

“Thanks to Signeasy I have been able to sign documents while working remotely under the COVID-19 guidelines.”
– Maria Pesquiera, President at Healthy Communities Foundation.


Real-estate professionals

The magic of real estate is all about in-person interactions. Property showings, mortgage meetings, lease signings … there’s a profoundly “human” side to real estate that draws so many to the profession. Without these sit-downs and meetings, it’s tough to keep a property business afloat.

How do you purchase a home, rent a condo, or sign a mortgage agreement in a socially isolated world? How do you continue to run a successful real estate operation while tethered to your home office? Signeasy can help you keep your business rolling with legally binding electronic signatures and simple document tracking. You can even send reminders to clients who have yet to sign their paperwork!

“I have been working and using Signeasy for the last 5 years or so and while working remotely getting signatures and putting deals together… I love the simplicity of this app/software.”
– Xavier Ordonez, Blue City Homes

“I simply do not know how we could successfully operate our business at this time without Signeasy. This beautiful app has been a lifesaver ?.”
– Laura J. Kiel, Kiel Mortgage

Real estate professionals normally handles a huge amount of paperwork with documents such as: Pre-approval letter, offer to purchase, rental agreement, floor plan, residential disclosure, closing disclosure, mortgage form, certificate of occupancy, name affidavit, seller’s affidavit, etc.


Sales reps and services professionals

“In the absence of access to office printers & scanners, Signeasy provides a great way to ensure we can keep our contracts moving and our business running. Just today I sent a counter-party to Signeasy to get an account and in under 10 minutes we had our contract executed.”
– Philip McCrea, RedNucleus

Given the strain being experienced by so many SMBs and freelancers, the ability to sign contracts and agreements may be a literal lifesaver: companies need a way to keep bringing in new business in light of significant financial uncertainty.

Our client at RedNucleus said it best: without access to the office printer and scanner, a digital solution is the only way to keep things moving. Within minutes, they were able to lock in a new client using Signeasy – pandemic or no pandemic, that’s significantly faster than the print-sign-scan runaround!

Sales and service professionals can process these documents remotely: Invoices, proposals, project estimates, service agreements, timesheets, quotes, proposals, sales contracts, consent forms, etc.

SMB’s and solopreneurs can keep their businesses running smoother than ever with an eSignature solution. If your workflow has been disrupted by COVID-19, we’re offering up to 50% off individual plans, up to 30% off business plans, free upgrades and plan extensions for small businesses, and 2 months free for NGOs and companies in education or healthcare.

How to create your own electronic signature

No matter your industry, you can use electronic signatures for all kinds of documents and document formats. Wondering how you can take your signature from paper to pixels? Here’s how to create an electronic signature.

Option 1: Draw your signature
Users with a touch screen, laptop drawing pad, or tablet can easily replicate their signature freehand. Using your finger or a stylus, give us your best autograph and save the result as your default signature.

Option 2: Use your mouse
This option takes some artistic skill. Just like option 1, use your mouse or trackpad to draw your signature on the screen and create a .png version.

Option 3: Upload a photo
Remember that one time you signed your name just right? Don’t let the glory fade: snap a picture of your signature on paper, upload it to Signeasy, and the software will create a .png that you can drop into your digital documents.

Option 4: Type it in
This option will look different from your wet ink signature, but worry not – it’s just as legally binding. Simply type your name into Signeasy, then select the font that best matches your own handwriting.



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