Why customers choose Signeasy over DocuSign

Today, the shortest way for businesses to achieve process efficiency and improve team productivity is a modern, secure, and customer-friendly contract workflow and eSignature solution. 

Digital contract workflows have proven to be indispensable for organizations to streamline paperwork and simplify processes across departments. From job offers to sales deals to budget approvals, all internal and external workflows have binding contracts that need to be approved and signed quickly yet securely. With the demand for eSignatures rising, the number of choices and the noise in the market has also increased, leading to many businesses often choosing solutions that are not the right fit for them.

In this blog, we will dive into the stories of some customers who realized DocuSign wasn’t the right fit for their needs and did not offer value in the long term. Let’s look at three customers who switched from DocuSign to Signeasy and why they did it. 

Gateways Hospital

Reason for the switch: Lack of flexible pricing to scale usage 

Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center is a non-profit organization serving the Greater Los Angeles area since 1953. Their qualified healthcare professionals treat all mental health conditions and provide services for children, adolescents, transitional-aged youth, and adults. The organization takes pride in offering quality mental health treatment to all individuals, whether funded or non-funded.

Like many other DocuSign users, their difficulties started when there was an increase in their usage. They faced overages and hidden pricing that they didn’t anticipate. They were using eSignatures across their HR and Finance department workflows and processing around 500 documents per month. With a limit of 100 envelopes per user per year, DocuSign overages added up quickly, and the team realized they needed a better business partner to streamline and automate their workflows.

In contrast, the Gateways team found that Signeasy cares about growing businesses, and our pricing model reflects that. Customers need not upgrade to our enterprise plan to avail of HIPAA or dedicated support. They don’t have to incur additional charges monthly to speak to a customer service agent. Business users can access a dedicated customer success manager, whether they need five licenses or fifty.

Signeasy, with its easy-to-use platform, unlimited templates, and transparent pricing, was an excellent fit for them to send, sign, and manage critical documents. Today, the company uses our eSignature and contract workflow platform for various use cases such as patient onboarding, invoice approvals, recruitment workflows, and more. They are also adding Signeasy’s integrations for Microsoft teams and Outlook to sign quickly and directly from the tools they use every day. Signeasy also offers easy-to-set-up integrations for other popular business tools such as Google Workspace and Salesforce.

TransCold Distribution

Reason for the switch: Lack of reliable customer support and business transparency

TransCold Distribution strives to provide the best in distribution, storage, and warehousing, with customer service as their utmost priority. The team serves customers across Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California as one of the largest distributors of ice cream, frozen and dry foods.

TransCold used DocuSign in the past but faced ongoing issues with the limit on the number of envelopes used. The key concern was that it was not brought to their attention during sign-up and early adoption. The extension of the limit on envelopes came with overages adding up to the total cost, and the team suffered because of the not-so-transparent pricing model of DocuSign. This encouraged the team to look for an alternative eSignature solution that offers transparency and is easy to do business with. TransCold was also impressed with Signeasy’s proactive support and the guidance they provided to help smoothen the migration. 

TransCold uses Signeasy to manage new hire documents, offer letters, employee exit checklists, and referral bonuses. The platform has simplified contract workflows between HR, Payroll, and the employees saving the team precious time spent on unnecessary email back and forth.

“If I were to recommend an electronic signature platform, I would recommend Signeasy because it has been great to do business with them. The team is friendly, extremely responsive, and always open to suggestions.”

– Bina Rai, HR Business Partner at TransCold

Kings Community Action Organization

Reason for the switch: Found DocuSign inefficient for their needs when the time came for renewal

KCAO specializes in high-quality, client-focused programs that develop self-sufficiency in individuals, families, and communities within Kings County in the U.S. state of California. The agency reaches out to low-income people to address their multiple needs and administer a full range of coordinated programs designed to have a measurable impact on poverty. KCAO envisions a future in which Kings County residents and communities will achieve self-sufficiency through high-quality, client-focused programs.

The KCAO team was a long-time DocuSign user, and their contract was due for renewal. As an impact-driven business, they looked for easy-to-use workflows with the right features to simplify contract management. They realized that with all its loaded features and heavy pricing, DocuSign was no longer the right fit for a company like theirs. Also, the team could no longer work with the limit on envelopes and templates. That’s when they switched to Signeasy and realized the value of choosing an eSignature platform that is just right for their needs. It took them no time to explore key features, get the teams on board, and quickly streamline their document workflows. Signeasy also helped them with an onboarding specialist to make the process easier and seamless. HR, Admin, Finance, and Legal departments at KCAO use Signeasy to send, sign, and manage unlimited documents like consent forms, NDAs, onboarding documents, invoices, liability documents, policies, etc.

Though DocuSign is a popular eSignature solution worldwide, that’s not what all businesses need or look for. Most of them require an efficient solution that does not come with unreliable support, hidden charges, abrupt discontinuation of services, and the heavy expenses of too many bells and whistles (many of which they will never use). Enter Signeasy — a modern, easy-to-use eSignature and contract workflow platform that provides dedicated support, has no limits on business plan features, and does not shock customers with add-on pricing. 

BONUS: If you are an existing DocuSign user looking to switch, we will discount up to six months of your remaining contract period and offer a dedicated onboarding specialist. 

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