Signeasy celebrates 9 years of shooting for the moon ?

After nearly a decade in business, we’re still shooting for the moon!

Birthdays and anniversaries are significant by nature – but some years, there’s an extra layer of excitement that makes them even more special than usual.

On July 20th, we celebrated 9 years of growth, achievement, and bringing our digital document signing solution to the masses. But we’ll also be raising our glasses to the sky and the stars: a salute to the moment Apollo 11 touched down on the moon 50 years ago, on July 20th 1969. Coincidentally, July 20th is also the exact day that Signeasy was first conceived as an idea, making this day one for the books.

During a recent visit to Washington, DC’s National Air and Space Museum, our founder, Sunil Patro, came across the moon landing portion of the exhibit and noted the importance of this one particular date. Just like Neil Armstrong, who famously took “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” he reflected on Signeasy’s role in our very own eSignature universe: an effort that started with the simple spark of an idea, and eventually became a eSignature solution enjoyed by millions of earthlings.

One small step for signatures, one giant leap for productivity. 

We could all learn something from the wildly ambitious mission to visit a gigantic rock more than 350,000 km away from Earth. A mission that was powered by house-sized computer systems with much less firepower than our current smartphones. A mission that 650 million people watched around the world, with bated breath and starry eyes.

Our key takeaway is something that’s both extremely simple and profoundly complex. It’s something we do every day at Signeasy, a little mantra that perfectly captures the responsibility we have to achieve great things. It guides the way we interact with our customers, the way we innovate new features, and the way we treat our team of employees. It’s a lesson anyone can scale and mold in their image, to fit the tiniest of visions and the greatest of goals: shoot for the moon. 


9th anniversary celebration
9th anniversary celebration in the office!


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