Celebrating 100 million contracts with Signeasy

Signeasy is 100 Million contracts strong today! ⚡️🌟

A watershed moment for us! We are here today because of our customers, investors, partners, and well-wishers who believed in us and shared our vision with the rest of the world. And, last but not least, the hard work and determination of a team that works tirelessly round the clock to make Signeasy better for everyone.

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Signeasy on the NASDAQ Tower Billboard at Times Square

Every contract carries a story and drives business impact. Thank you for making us part of your business stories and contract workflows. This also means that we all defeated the idea of paper-based contracts 100 million times. Cheers to that! 🥂 

In 2010, I set out to solve a very real problem. How do I sign something easily and quickly? Why is this so difficult? If this is so difficult for me, it must be difficult for others too. If so, can I build something to make it easier for everybody?

That’s when Signeasy came to life. From an iOS app used for signing and sending documents faster, Signeasy has grown to become the leading eSignature and contract workflow platform used by 48,000 businesses globally.

If you know us even a little, you know that we have always taken the word ‘easy’ very seriously. We still do. It was one of the first things we prioritized while building features for our customers. We have learned along the way: for something to impact people’s lives, it has to be easy to use and adopt, which is why simplicity and ease have been a way for life at Signeasy from its very inception!

Twelve years ago, easy meant quick signing for folks like you and me. But today, it means enabling businesses to streamline and automate their workflows easily. Whether it’s HR, Sales, Finance, IT, or Operations, Signeasy makes it easy for anyone to sign, track, and manage contracts seamlessly.

Much of this evolution can be attributed to our wonderful customers, who believed in us enough to help make a difference. When I see impressive global companies like Rappi, Pan American Silver, Accor Hotels, GMR, Iceland Air, Zimplats, Calastone Limited, and more using Signeasy to simplify and automate their contract workflows, I am assured that we are a partner in growth for brands who are here to create unique products and services. When emerging brands like ZoomCar, Crealogix, K Real Estate, Truepill, and Sono Motors use Signeasy to make their contract workflows streamlined and efficient, I know that we are appealing to the right brands who are here to disrupt the normal. One of my highlights was actor, filmmaker and social impact investor, Adrian Grenier, being one of the product’s early adopters. Signeasy became one of his favorite apps, which made me realize that we aren’t far away from becoming the leading light in a world where millions of contracts get signed daily. In short, every story that is a part of the journey makes it all worth it! 🌟

It’s been an honor to have had the opportunity to make things easy for our customers. And in the journey, we have evolved into a powerful platform for contract workflow and automation through innovation, agility, adaptability, and a customer-first approach.

As we witness this special moment, I would like to celebrate how far we have come together and how much we have grown and learnt along the way. It’s a big number for us, but we can’t wait to make it even bigger. Here’s to one hundred million contracts and more! 💫

Sunil Patro and Team Signeasy

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