Can’t buy me love: Our take on referrals

Signeasy is a naturally viral product. Our customers can get their contracts signed by anyone, even those not registered with us. The more our customers use the product, the more people get introduced to Signeasy, creating a viral loop.

Our success goes beyond viral expansion. We genuinely listen to our customers and take pride in solving their problems. That’s one reason why Signeasy evokes feelings of love and convenience.

“We are happy that Signeasy is a real partner. We feel that they listen to our needs and support us on our journey of growth as a business. Reliable, fast, and convenient to use!”

– Ann Kuss, People Partner, SupportYourApp

“Our team loves using Signeasy. We recommend using Signeasy for any innovative, forward-thinking companies that know digital business is the way of the future.”

– Olivia Besley, Marketing Coordinator, K Real Estate

When you see such love pouring in regularly, you’d naturally think of fueling the word-of-mouth, enabling more users who love Signeasy to bring their peers on board. Needless to say, we flirted with the idea of introducing referrals.

Problem with the referral models

Traditional incentive-based referrals are a common occurrence in the B2C world. (Refer your friend for a free ride or a meal!) You’d notice many business tools fiddle with it as well. However, we believe business software doesn’t get referred because of incentives. Instead, people talk about good software only if they experience tremendous value and fall in love with it. After all, there is some pride associated with our choices at work. Another reason could be that the incentives do not benefit the individual, as the company often pays for the tools. 

When did you last refer a business software for a coupon or a goodie?

Hence we didn’t want to take the traditional referral route. Instead, we focused on adding the right triggers for the users who ‘love’ Signeasy. We wanted to make it ‘easy’ for them to talk about our product with their friends in the industry, who, like our users, would appreciate a great product. And are (possibly) looking for an easy way to manage their business contracts.

Just like any small team with limited resources would do, we wanted to test the waters with a minimum lovable product (MLP). Build something meaningful quickly, with minimal effort, and measure.


  1. Can’t be missed, but won’t be forced: We shall be in front of the users and encourage them to share their love for Signeasy while not interrupting their workflows.
  2. Make a personal connection: In our case, the messaging and the medium to share shall be a personal forum: email.
  3. Keep it simple: Ship something fast with a low effort that reflects Signeasy’s belief in simplicity. 

What we came up with

A small heart icon beats when you load the application. It is not in your way. But it does demand your attention. We auto-fill the message so users don’t have to start from scratch. And to keep it straightforward, we used a mailto: link. The user’s default mail application loads automatically and opens an email compose. By adding the friend’s email and hitting ‘send’, our users are helping us bring in more users. Thank you!

Only good software is recommended when no incentives are offered. Hence, this is a true acid test, more honest than the Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).

Have you felt our heartbeat? Did you tell a friend about Signeasy, and they loved us too? Please let us know at [email protected]. We are grateful for your love.

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