Standing out at SaaStr: Lessons from Signeasy’s presence at SaaStr 2022

SaaStr, the premier (SaaS) event at San Fransisco every year, has rapidly grown into a globally recognized platform that attracts an impressive roster of companies, ranging from startups to established enterprises. It is a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge-sharing among peers, fostering a rich ecosystem of ideas and partnerships. 

The event can feel exciting and overwhelming for those attending SaaStr for the first time. With numerous sessions, networking chances, and industry leaders around, it’s easy to feel unsure where to start. Based on our experience from last year’s event, we can confirm we have felt that way too.

In this article, we wanted to share our journey from the previous year, what we learned, what we could do better, and some valuable tips. We hope that by sharing our story, we can make the SaaStr experience more approachable and help others get the most out of it.

P.S. We’re thrilled to be a part of SaaStr once more! Swing by our booth, and let’s catch up. Can’t wait to see you at SaaStr 2023! 

Signeasy’s highlights from SaaStr 2022

  • Unique booth design — We had a visually appealing minimalistic approach to communicating what we do. The fresh and powerful representation of multiple parties coming together to agree the easy way made us stand out among hundreds of sponsors. 
  • Readiness for the event — A team of fully committed people who were there two days before the event to set everything up, from folding T-shirts to buying Starbucks vouchers to redoing the video last minute to make sure it is flawless — Priceless!
  • Ability to handle last-minute flops : ) — As with every big event, a few things went wrong at the very last minute. We embraced the chaos, made last-minute changes, and pivoted to make the best of the situation, and you know what! It was even better than we imagined!
  • True to our name, the booth had the ‘easiest’ of experiences — candy bowls, coffee vouchers, cheerful people in colorful clothes, great swag, and a fun game where people simply had to roll the dice to win a prize.
  • Most importantly, the energy we had as a team was incomparable and one of a kind. This attracted every person who passed by to be intrigued about who we are and what we do. Having Sunil and other senior leaders brought immense value as they easily fielded technical and partnership conversations.
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From left to right: Sujan, Sanjay, Dhivya, Ana, Sunil, Abheesh

Bonus tips to keep in mind:

  • Make better use of the SaaStr crowd before and after the event. Think after parties, pre-event meet-ups, etc. 
  • Make sure you make time to learn from the expert sessions/panel discussions.
  • Connect with customers and prospects much in advance and have more pre-scheduled meetings the week of the event. 
  • Start planning 4-6 months for events of this scale to put our best foot forward.

Key takeaways from SaaStr 2022

SaaStr 2022 left an indelible mark on Signeasy’s trajectory, offering invaluable insights that have steered our growth and strategy. The event provided us with a platform for meaningful conversations, enabling us to engage directly with users of eSignatures. This proved instrumental in comprehending their experiences with competitors and, in turn, positioning Signeasy as the preferred solution for SMBs and Mid-Market companies. Through these interactions, we gained a deeper understanding of user pain points and aspirations, driving us to enhance our offerings continually.

Beyond user interactions, SaaStr unveiled an unexpected dimension. Our presence facilitated interactions with prospective partners and enabled us to engage with potential job candidates. 

Standing out and boosting brand visibility at SaaStr

With a convergence of industry leaders, potential clients, and collaborators, SaaStr offers an unparalleled platform to spotlight your brand’s prowess and solutions. Elevating your visibility amidst this dynamic landscape requires a strategic approach. Here’s how you can maximize your presence:

  1. Harness social media: Share glimpses of your booth setup, teasers about your attended sessions, and behind-the-scenes content to generate anticipation. Engage in live-tweeting during sessions, positioning your brand as an authority within the SaaS community.
  2. Forge collaborations: Efforts such as joint promotions and shared content can yield mutual benefits. Forge connections with fellow exhibitors and sponsors to explore co-hosted events or panel discussions, fostering an expanded reach and heightened visibility.
  3. Craft compelling content: Come up with eye-catching booths, visually engaging infographics, and attention-grabbing videos. Develop exclusive event-specific content to captivate your audience during and after SaaStr. Highlight your brand’s value proposition to the SaaS community, ensuring your content resonates with your intended audience.

Nailing best practices at SaaStr

These insights will guide you through the event, enabling you to build vital connections, navigate with finesse, and showcase your brand effectively.


  1. Arrive early: Use this time to explore the bustling expo hall, set up your booth flawlessly, and establish initial connections with potential clients in a more relaxed environment.
  2. Design matters: Booth design is your brand’s first impression. Opt for a visually captivating design that reflects your brand’s essence and captures the attention in a sea of exhibitors.
  3. Interactive engagement: Elevate visitor engagement through live demos, captivating games, or enticing product trials. Hands-on engagement enhances memory retention and brand recall.
  4. Open-ended conversations: By inquiring about attendees’ experiences and challenges, you invite engagement and gain insights to tailor your pitch effectively.
  5. Deliver value: Offer valuable insights, solutions, or even well-crafted branded swag to significantly impact how your brand is perceived.


  1. Pushiness is a turnoff: Avoid aggressive sales tactics. Instead, focus on building rapport, understanding needs, and creating genuine connections.
  2. Access is essential: Ensure your booth remains inviting and accessible. Avoid obstructing the entrance, encouraging a seamless flow of visitors.
  3. Recharge for success: Amidst the excitement, don’t neglect your well-being. Take short breaks, stay hydrated, and recharge to ensure you’re at your best throughout the event.
  4. Thoughtful gifts leave a mark: Branded giveaways may seem small, but they leave a lasting brand impression. Don’t forget to take them with you to the event. 

Connect with Signeasy at SaaStr 2023

Come find us at SaaStr 2023 and connect with Signeasy! Engage with us, discover our solutions, and learn how Signeasy can be your strategic partner for growth.

See you there!

Signeasy at SaaStr 2023

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