Signeasy gets featured for iOS 15

In the tech world, few things stir up as much buzz as Apple’s annual iOS release. This event garners tons of attention from users around the world, each one eager to be a part of the hype.

As a single company in a sea of competing mobile apps, you can imagine our delight when Signeasy was not only included on Apple’s “Great apps for iOS 15” list, but also on the official iPadOS 15 landing page.

It’s a small nod with a big message: we see you, we appreciate you, and we’re excited to share that enthusiasm with the world.  

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Signeasy as an Apple innovator

In November 2019, we were onboarded as an Apple Mobility Partner. This program takes a collaborative to app development, creating a direct line between business apps and the Apple team to explore new features in tandem.

This means that every time a new OS is in the works, our team gets privileged access to what’s cooking, so they can develop specific features that build off upcoming feature launches.

What does all of this mean for our business clients? Well, not a day goes by that we’re not innovating new ways to help you close more deals, streamline your operations, and deliver a better customer experience.

A brief history of our app

So much has happened over the last decade! Here’s a little snapshot of the explosive growth we’ve experienced.

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Looking back on our achievements so far, it’s exciting to dream about what the future holds for us – both as an Apple partner, and as a solution that’s constantly on track for innovation.

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