Introducing the Signeasy app for Microsoft Teams

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Introducing Signeasy for Microsoft Teams, a fully-integrated app that turns Teams users into paperwork pros. Our latest integration allows you to quickly and easily sign documents, as well as send them out for signature, without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform!

If your business uses Microsoft Teams, that means you already understand and appreciate the importance of streamlining workflows and ramping up efficiency wherever possible. This platform is a hub for all things productivity, featuring functionalities like group chat, video conferencing, notes, and attachments. Businesses of all kinds enjoy Teams as part of their Office 365 subscription, keeping their staff connected, on-task, and organized.

With the Signeasy electronic signature app, we have taken that vision one step further: never again will any Teams user have to print, scan, or fax documents manually. No paper jams, no crooked scans, no faxes disappearing into the void – all that’s left to do is slash items off your to-do list.

The way we work, and the way we relate to each other at work, is evolving. Coworkers can be tackling the same task from opposite corners of the earth, and management structures are flattening out in favor of knowledge sharing and exchange. In support of Microsoft’s vision for a workplace that uses technology to facilitate innovative cooperation and productivity, the Signeasy app is a champion of streamlined workflows and intuitive functionalities.

By automatically integrating our paperwork-based workflows into the Microsoft ecosystem, Signeasy can bring the power of electronic signatures to startups, small businesses, and mid- to large-sized enterprises that enjoy the Teams platform every day.

When a user downloads the Signeasy app from the Microsoft Teams Store, they have access to all of the business features, including self-signing, signature requests, highlighted document fields, and more. It’s a full suite of capabilities packed neatly into one easily-accessible tab. The integration also supports a new – and friendly – chat-based digital assistant to guide users as they send documents, track progress through notifications, and manage their paperwork.


“Signeasy is one of the most-loved, ridiculously easy-to-use, and secure e-signature solutions for mobile and web devices,” says Sunil Patro, Founder and CEO at Signeasy. “Our newest integration with Microsoft Teams has enabled us to provide these same benefits to customers of the Office 365 ecosystem. Now, they can leverage the power of eSignatures to reduce contract turnaround times, close more deals in less time, and create a hassle-free and paperless experience for their employees, clients, and partners.”


Bhrighu Sareen, General Manager, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corp. says, “Mobility and cloud-based applications have forever changed the way we work and interact with colleagues. Microsoft Teams, integrated with Signeasy’s software, builds on our commitment to support small and midsized businesses by further streamlining the eSignature experience through Teams.”


To get Signeasy for Teams, click here.

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