Signeasy stands with Ukraine

I had a chance to visit Ukraine back in 2016 when I traveled to meet our outsourced support team based in Kyiv. The company, SupportYourApp was Signeasy’s trusted partner from 2017-2021 and provided global support operations for our customers.

While in Kyiv, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet their talented team members and their CEO, and I will always cherish the memories I made with them. The photograph below captures a joyful moment we shared when times were better. 

daria sya kyiv 1

When I think of Ukraine, the memory that instantly comes to mind is my experience of the people’s warmth, hospitality, and kindness.  Which is why it breaks my heart to read first-hand stories from the SYA team about how their lives have been turned upside down. Here are a few stories that describe what they are going through in painstaking detail.

To see our former colleagues and millions of others in danger and being able to do very little to help has been a difficult experience. But help, no matter how little, can make a difference in times like these. 

Signeasy in all its capacity stands in solidarity with Ukraine. 

Giving back to the community is a crucial tenet of Signeasy’s principles. This particular situation affects us profoundly because it affects people who have been associated with Signeasy for a long time. They were part of the #EasyTribe, and they always will be. 

To do our bit, Signeasy will donate all our earnings from customer sales in Ukraine from 2014 to 2021. All of the proceeds will go to UNICEF and will be used to provide stability, safety, and shelter in the region. The focus will be on the most vulnerable people—children and women at high risk. 

In addition to this, the Signeasy team has organized a donation drive where our employees have contributed generously to raise funds. These funds will be donated to relief organizations CORE and CARE which are supporting the immediate needs of people fleeing Ukraine.

We will continue to speak out and support Ukraine in this devastating war that has left millions fleeing their birthplace and losing their sense of home. We urge all our employees, partners, and community members to do their part in helping the people of Ukraine. 

A special note to our friends over at SignNow and PandaDoc, whose families and employees are based out of Ukraine. For many years now, we have all shared a powerful vision of enabling businesses to shift from paper to digital transactions, and today, we salute the courage and resilience they have shown to keep going in these times of crisis.

May Ukraine find peace soon enough.

Until then, may we all have the heart and courage to unite and #standwithUkraine.

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