App Clips are making it easier than ever to collect eSignatures

Traditionally, eSignatures are requested via email. But what happens when you need to collect signatures on the fly, or in a less formal setting? You create an App Clip, of course.

Like a flavor sample at an ice cream shop, App Clips introduce users to a relevant “clip” of a mobile app instead of prompting them to download the whole thing. 

Instead of installing the Signeasy app on your device, this feature will load a segment that allows you to sign a specific document. The clip is triggered by a nearby NFC tag, a scanned QR code, or a Smart App Banner in Safari.

This feature truly could not have been launched at a better time, given the explosive popularity of contactless everything. Here are a few common use cases to help you get the most out of App Clips while reducing bottlenecks and lineups related to turning in physical paperwork. 

How can I use App Clips to collect eSignatures?

Contactless delivery

Most mail carriers require a signature when a package is delivered. Instead of a clipboard or terminal with a stylus (germs!), a QR code or NFC tag can send an App Clip to the recipient’s phone with a link to a quick acknowledgment form. Signed, sealed, and delivered!

Package delivery with App Clips

Consent forms

Any form that requires a signer to give consent can be offered via an App Clip. Provide a QR code at your front desk, on your website, or even in an email blast, and bam – signers will have a direct link to the exact document they need.

Sign consent forms with App Clips

Building access

If someone needs to sign a waiver, NDA, or log in order to enter a protected area of a building, they can quickly provide an eSignature using their smartphone by scanning an App Clip at the point of entry.

Building access with App Clips

Equipment rentals

From a pair of skis to a power washer at the hardware store, equipment rentals are typically tracked using a hard-copy log. Ditch the paper and digitize the sign-in/sign-out process with App Clips and Signeasy!

Rent equipment with App Clips

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