Get to Know the Request Signature Feature

[Update: We have released the Request Signature feature on iOS and Android. Find out more here.]

Days ago, we introduced the Request Signature feature on SignEasy for Web. This helps you to request anyone (even a non SignEasy user) to sign and send the document back, within minutes.

To help you get acquainted, we have prepared a walkthrough to get you started.

How do I request a signature?

To request a signature, hover over the document and click on  Request Signature button as highlighted below. 



Add the email addresses and names of the recipients of the signature request. You can also add an optional message for the signers.

How to Request 3

Once you’ve completed adding the details, click on Send to send the signature request to the signers. The signers will be notified immediately by email about your signature request.

How to Request 4

Once you’ve sent the request, you can stay updated on the progress of the signers by reloading the web app window. Click on the link next to “Waiting for” to view the status of the signers.

How to Request 5

How does a signer view the request and sign the document?

At the signer’s end, they will receive an email notifying them about the signature request you have sent

Signer 1

On clicking the link provided in the email, they will be taken to a landing page where they can choose to sign or decline the request. They can proceed by clicking on Continue.

Signer 2

On clicking Continue, they can view and sign the document, and add initials, date, and text.

Signer 3

Once the document has been finalized, they can click on Finalize to complete the document and send it back to you.

Signer 4

Once the document has been sent successfully, the signer will be taken to a page to inform them that the signature request has been completed, along with the other signers in the request flow.

Signer 5


The signer has completed the document, what’s next?

Once the signers have signed and sent the document back, all parties will be notified by email, and receive a copy of the signed document, along with signature certificate. You can view the completed document on your SignEasy for Web dashboard, in the ‘Completed’ section.

View 1

Advanced options

How do I remind a signer to sign a requested document?

To remind a signer to sign the requested document, you can click on the blue drop-downbutton at the far right to view options, and select Remind to send an email reminder.

Advanced 1

How do I cancel a signature request I have sent?

Sent the wrong file? Or sent a request to the wrong person? Worry not. To cancel a sent request, click on Pending in the right side Menu.

Advanced 2_1

Click on the blue drop down button at the far right of the document to view options. Select Cancel.

Advanced 2_2

Click OK to confirm the cancellation of the signature request.

Advanced 2_3


Can a person decline a received signature request?

A person who has received a signature request can decline by clicking on the Decline option.


Advanced 3


How do I add more signers in the signature request?

By default, there are only two fields to add signers. You can add any number of recipients by clicking on Add Recipients to generate more fields. They will be sequentially added to the signature flow.

Advanced 4


And if I want to remove an added signer?

To remove an added signer, click on the remove button at the right.

Advanced 5


How do I add myself to the list of signers?

If the document requires your signature as well, you can check the Sign Yourself box to add yourself in the list of signers. You can then choose whether to sign first, or last by choosing from the two options next to it.Advanced 6


What if I want to change the order of the signers?

To change the order of the added signers, click on the drag button at the far right, and reorder the list by dragging the field across.

Advanced 7


Now that you’re ready, let’s get you started with your first signature request on a document now.


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