Sign files directly using Google Drive on web

Since the launch of Signeasy for Web a few months ago, one of our top feature requests has been an integration with Google Drive. We decided to put your thoughts into action, and we are pleased to announce that millions of Google Apps users will now be able to sign documents in a simple, seamless way using Signeasy on their favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Here’s how to get started!

How do I install the app?

  • If you are a Gmail user or a Google Drive user, go to the Google Apps Marketplacesearch for “Signeasy,” click on Install App, hit Continue to give Signeasy permission to install the app, and you are done! (You can also find it directly here)
  • For enterprise users, this feature requires a one-time installation to be completed by your administrator. The admin can search for Signeasy on the Google Apps Marketplace, install Signeasy, and either give access to all of your team members or a list of select members. This avoids the time-consuming need to install the software one user at a time. For more details, head over to the instructions.

How do I use the app?

There are two ways to open a file.

  • From Gmail

When you receive an email with an attachment, you’ll see a thumbnail of the attachment at the bottom of your message. Clicking on the thumbnail will then display the attachment in full-screen mode. From here, you can interact with the file in your Gmail inbox, with no need to download the file. Click “Open With” on the menu and select Signeasy.

From Gmail

  • From Google Drive

    • Go to
    • Right-click on any file that you want to sign, such as a Word, Excel, or PDF document.
    • Hover over “Open with” and select the Signeasy app.   

From Google Drive

This will the  open the file with your Signeasy account. Then, select “Sign Yourself” or “Request Signature” depending on what you need.


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As is the case with most of our features, the best part about our Google Drive integration is convenience. If you’re more accustomed to living in your browser and sharing data using the Drive, this update is sure to make document signing a breeze. Signeasy for Google Drive also lets you enjoy all of our handy features in any web browser as long as you’re signed into your Google account.

Time to give Signeasy for Google Drive a spin – let us know what you think!

Try it out !



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