5 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Paperless Office

paperless office

Although the thought would have been inconceivable at one point of time, the sheer magnitude to which technology has developed today makes it almost impractical to use paper in an office. As of today, many large corporations have made the switch to a paperless office while smaller organizations are gradually following this pattern. Before getting to the benefits, let’s take a look at some statistics uncovered by The Paperless Project:

  • The average employee spends about 30-40% of his time physically looking for documents
  • Each document wastes an average of 18 minutes spent searching
  • Most documents are typically copied 9-11 times
  • Paper needs grow by 22% a year. This means any given company’s paper will double in 3.3 years.
  • Filing costs average $20 per document.

Going paperless is certainly not an overnight process but the important thing is to start. Consider these 5 reasons to make the switch to a Paperless Office:
1. Improves customer service. Customers want efficiency. Paperless offices allow employees to address customer demands a lot more quickly than their physical counterparts – the longest it takes to retrieve any document is a few seconds.
2. Saves time. It’s common – even uncanny – for offices to misplace documents and for employees to spend hours searching for them. In an age where most companies charge and are charged by the hour, this is extremely undesirable.
3. Brings down costs. Filing cabinets, printer ink cartridges, and even the very paper all cost money and as any large corporation is aware; it’s the little things that add up to big things. Eliminating these costs has the potential to save companies untold fortunes. Copying and distribution is done so efficiently in a paperless office that printer use is reserved for what really needs to be printed.
4. More Secure. Over 70% of all offices in existence would crumble in under a month if a calamity consumed all the documents. There’s barely any room for such a situation in a paperless office where everything is stored in the cloud and backed up in hard drives.
5. Ecofriendly. As important as all the above benefits, paperless offices help contribute to an eco-conscious environment, where the planet and its resources are not taken for granted.

Give some thought to the idea and consider making the switch!

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