Can SignEasy help improve HR compliance training completion rates?

Deadlines are so important when it comes to HR compliance training. As regulations keep changing you must be under a lot of pressure to get 100% of employees up-to-date on the relevant updates within a certain timeframe. And getting compliance training completed on time is even more challenging, in the COVID-19 scenario, with employees working from home and dealing with new distractions. 

You may have noticed that a large chunk of the delays come from employee resistance in completing the requisite paperwork itself. 

eSignature solutions, such as SignEasy, are the best way to speed up the compliance training paperwork and, in turn, improve completion rates.

Take an honest look at remote compliance training paperwork

Ever so often, your employees will need to complete mandatory sessions on themes such as performance management, work/life concerns, sexual assault and discrimination. In addition to what may seem like a snooze-fest to your staff, they will also need to print, sign and scan or courier compliance training-related paperwork. Talk about a double whammy!

You will find that telecommuters’s compliance training completion rates are dampened by the old-school wet signature workflow when it comes to:

  • Signing-up for the compliance courses
  • Marking attendance for each session
  • Confirming that they have understood training

Inefficiencies in the current compliance training paperwork leads to employees relegating it to the important-but-not-urgent or worse the ‘low priority’ quadrant of Eisenhower’s 2×2 matrix. 

Eisenhower Matrix

And if the paperwork stalls, the compliance training stalls. That’s something we just can’t have. 

In the next section, you find out how to bump up compliance paperwork to the important/urgent quadrant of the matrix.

Benefits of eSignatures in compliance training

What your Small and Medium Business (SMB) needs is a way for employees to quickly and hygienically sign-off on compliance training documents. eSignature solutions can help with this in more ways than one. 

Here are the benefits that can be enjoyed by SMBs that embrace electronic signing:

Reduce time to completion: When compliance training paperwork takes one too many steps to complete, it affects the employee experience. This, in turn, reduces their motivation to complete the training. Instead of forcing employees to jump hoops with the physical paperwork, choose eSignature workflows. This will make it so much easier for them to complete the training in a shorter duration. 

  • Sign in the flow of work: Typically even if employees are sent emails asking them to sign compliance-related forms, they end up ignoring it. Why? Because, they will need to stop whatever they are doing at that point in time to open the eSignature application and process the form. This is a productivity dampener.  To ensure that the signing process is as seamless as possible, SignEasy allows users to sign these compliance training documents in the flow of work. So, if they are using productivity boosting tools such as Gmail, Microsoft teams and Google Drive, the signing can happen in-situ.
  • Sign from anywhere and any time: No matter where your employees are located, they can sign forms such as registration and record of training ‘completion’ with mobile-first eSignature solutions like SignEasy. And it can be done in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks. The sooner these forms are filled, the shorter the time to completion.

Optimize signing workflows: Basically, whenever a user completes a training session, they will need to sign the training log. And once all employees have signed, the sheet will have to be approved by the trainer. To help signers keep to this workflow, eSignature software, such as SignEasy, allows for sequential and parallel signing. Using these features, you can ensure that all trainees sign before the trainer approves the training log.

Improve HR productivity: Compliance training documentation can really drain the HR team’s bandwidth. From correcting errors in the forms to sending reminders for signatures, there are a lot of admin tasks that need to be simplified or automated. Here is how SignEasy can help:

Reuse templates: Instead of creating new forms for every employee, just save a template on SignEasy and then customize and reuse them everytime. No more creating forms from scratch every time. Just think of the number of man hours saved!

Preset custom fields: This SignEasy feature allows you to highlight the fields that each user needs to fill in. Suffice to say, if employees know exactly where to sign they will make less errors and therefore HR will need to spend less time ensuring that the signatures were placed in the right place.

Automate tracking of document progress: Have all your employees signed the compliance training registration form yet? To find out, you don’t need to open each form and check, as SignEasy sends you notifications the moment the user signs it. 

Automate sending of reminders: No need to manually type out and send email reminders to get employees to sign the forms anymore. SignEasy creates and shoots out automated emails to remind your signers of pending forms to be signed. 

Motivate employees to train with SignEasy

Let’s face it – compliance training, unlike other professional L&D courses, isn’t really that exciting. It doesn’t have a bearing on promotions nor does it significantly help in skill development. It just has to be done. 

So, the best way to empower your people to get through with it is to remove barriers — such as paperwork — in their path.

One of the most powerful benefits of adopting a user-friendly eSignature solution is how it boosts the user’s motivations by eliminating the drudge work. The likes of automated reminders and touchless signing workflow encourage employees to complete training that is due, faster than ever before. 

So, before your next round of compliance training, consider signing up for our 14-day free trial. You can send out your first e-registration form and see how it simplifies the compliance documentation. Alternatively, just shoot us an email at [email protected] for an in-depth SignEasy demo.


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