Closing deals in the age of working from home

The opportunity to work from home may feel like a welcome change of pace for many, but there’s a mountain of logistical issues lying just beneath its glossy veneer. Chief among them is the ability to keep business rolling in the absence of roundtable meetings, handshakes, and fresh ink.

Ten years ago, SignEasy hit the market as a way to complete paperwork from anywhere, on any device: an answer for remote and dispersed teams that needed to stay connected across cities, countries, and time zones. 

Now, in light of the health crisis that has hit the world, an unprecedented number of people are making the switch to remote work. And while nobody could have anticipated this profoundly strange moment in time, in many ways, our software was made for situations like this. 

Here are just a few ways SignEasy can help your team adapt to its newfound dispersed setup:

Problem: I can no longer give signed forms to my colleagues in person, and I obviously don’t want to use snail mail!

Solution: Step away from the printer. We repeat, step away from the printer! Once you’re ready to sign a document, access your SignEasy account, then select “Sign Yourself” from the “Start Signing” menu. 

You will be prompted to open a document. Once it’s open, drop your signature directly onto the page. You can also add fields like name, date, and initials. When you’re finished, send the completed document to your colleague(s) via email – no hard copy required.


Problem: I need to close a deal with a client. How do I get this contract signed if we can’t meet face-to-face?

Solution: Once your document is ready to go, open your SignEasy account, and select “Request Signature” from the “Start Signing” menu. You’ll then be able to upload your document(s) and enter all of the required signers’ email addresses. 

To send your paperwork off right away, click “Send Without Fields,” or click “Add Fields” to highlight where your colleagues need to provide certain info. If you do add in some name and signature fields, each signer will be assigned a different color to avoid mistakes. After that, all that’s left to do is send. 


Problem: I work in an industry with strict legal requirements regarding paperwork. How can I remain compliant if I can’t collect wet ink signatures?

Solution: We live in the golden age of eSignatures, in the sense that they are largely viewed as legal equivalents to wet ink. We are compliant with the eSIGN Act, eIDAS, and GDPR, so you can continue on with business as usual. You will also receive an audit trail for all of your signed agreements and consent forms, keeping your practice 100% fraud-free.


Problem: How do I accommodate my client’s limitations while they don’t have access to their office equipment?

Solution: It’s safe to say that most people currently have stress coming at them from all directions. To top it off, they don’t have access to their in-office tools. With eSignatures, you’ll have your clients forgetting their printer and scanner ever existed: instead of asking them to jump through hoops to complete paperwork, simply have them sign off on important documents using SignEasy. They won’t even have to create an account!


Problem: How can I keep my team in the loop if we can no longer meet face-to-face?

Solution: Aside from hosting virtual meetings using dedicated software, SignEasy has some handy tools to help keep your paperwork organized from afar. Using our CC and auto-forward features, you can update your team on the status of any given document or contract in an automated fashion. You can even move completed contracts straight to cloud storage using our integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

With the right tools, you and your business will be able to get through this. If you need anything, SignEasy’s customer support team is still available 24/7, so you can reach out (and speak to a human) anytime at

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