eSignature solution for higher education institutes

When was the last time your teachers got an in-person signature on a student progress report or consent form? What about staff physically signing timesheets and employment contracts? 

Likely, months ago. Surely, not since the Covid-19 stay-at-home directives.

As education centres gear up to open between fall and next year, administrators need to make sure that students stay healthy and safe. Room sanitizers, no-contact infrared thermometers, e-learning modules and social distancing in classrooms are all good to have. But the very basic act of signing and exchanging physical documents, that we tend to consider harmless, can greatly increase the risk of cross-contamination.

The silver lining is that with eSignatures, such as SignEasy, it’s surprisingly easy to eliminate the use of wet signatures and hard copies of documents and embrace a paperless reality. 

Cue: Administrators, educators and parents breathing a sigh of relief.

Globally, schools and colleges are quickly adopting such affordable SaaS platforms, to continue hygienically providing the education that our youth deserve. 

eSignature solution for higher education

Avon Grove Charter School (Chester County, Pennsylvania) was unable to get in-person confirmations from its existing teacher-base regarding their availability for future sessions, during the health crisis. SignEasy enabled the school to secure e-acknowledgements from staff, in a quick and effective manner. 

As legally binding as putting pen to paper, eSignatures are literally life-savers in a Covid world – simply by reducing interaction with communal surfaces (pen, paper, printers etc) and face-to-face appointments! 

It allows for your institute to function as usual, even in these unusual times. 

Covina-Valley Schools, California, experienced the benefit first hand, when faced with an immediate need to get IEP (Individualized Education Program) documents approved by guardians. Owing to the social distancing norms, they were unable to get in-person signatures. So, they turned to the trusty ol’ eSignature solution – SignEasy. Within minutes of signing up for the service, the IEP documents were sent digitally to parents, who remotely signed the document and sent it back immediately. Problem averted! All this and more makes SignEasy the preferred eSignature solution for higher education.

Reduce your expenses, improve productivity

Another unique opportunity, at a time when there are so many added costs to reopening school, is that online signature tools help save thousands of dollars by cutting back on paper consumption, courier costs and the like.

Using an eSignature solution for higher education means higher staff productivity:

    • No need to waste precious time organizing permission slips and other forms
    • Automatically send reminders to those who have not signed the online forms
    • Stay informed anytime in the workflow with emails notifications.

And, the best part is, there is virtually no learning curve or setup required. Your staff members can frictionlessly view and sign documents while accessing their email or LMS, as SignEasy embeds into major email and productivity tools. This means, they don’t ever have to open the SignEasy app separately to sign official documents!

How can academic institutes use SignEasy’s touchless contracts?

When schools reopen, you can be sure that there will be an onslaught of documents, from building inspection reports and letters of recommendation to educator licensure audits, employee leave requests and so on, pending approval from various signees. Whether you are opening up the school fully or partially, a 100 percent contactless signing intervention is long due.

To make the transition easier and solve transactional challenges, SignEasy has made platform upgrades completely free for schools and universities to help them get started for the upcoming academic year.

What does that mean for your institute? With this complimentary SignEasy membership, you can:

  • Help parents and students sign financial-aid applications quickly and easily. All you need to do is set a signing order, define the signing roles, and hit send
  • Enable rapid signing and sharing of timesheets and reports, by inviting your colleagues, across departments, to collaborate on the eSignature platform
  • Sign transcript requests on-the-go using the iOS or Android application on your mobile device
  • Have guardians validate report cards and other documents with biometrics, in a touchfree environment
  • Improve efficiency of regular and repetitive events such as processing staff leave requests


eSignature solution for higher education


“It takes 30 seconds to one minute to complete the process, and there is an electronic record instead of a piece of paper that can get lost while being passed around”, says Stewart Jesse, Director of Glass City Academy, who uses SignEasy every day to process staff leave requests.

  • Simplify and secure the documentation of student enrolment and staff hiring by collecting and storing (on cloud) all completed forms in a few clicks. For example, a professional institute called Echo Education uses SignEasy to seamlessly onboard new teachers from across the world
  • Streamline and accelerate the securing of parental consent of field trips, course enrolments, emergency contact forms etc.


Educational institutes of note, such as Harvard, Stanford and Cornell University, have long been using SignEasy to optimize document workflow – even before the pandemic struck.

Join them in the eSignature revolution and make the hassle of physically signing a document a thing of the past. If you are an educational institute simply get in touch with to receive our special discount.


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