Serving SMBs with contactless signing

During these ever evolving times, small businesses are fighting for their survival. Critical business deals are on hold, and important paperwork including legal documents, offer letters, NDAs and more are not being processed. The shift to remote work and social distancing guidelines have shut down many businesses’ physical locations and eliminated critical in-person meetings for signing important documents and deals.

Many are turning to eSignatures, which offer a simple and secure way to sign critical business documents; while eliminating the need for in-person contact and possible cross-contamination from printers, scanners, shared paperwork and writing tools.

eSignature solutions’ ability to enable ‘no-contact’ approvals on routine paperwork, has helped keep essential business processes running smoothly. With Signeasy, it takes just one click of the mouse or tap on your smartphone or tablet to send contracts or other critical documents to colleagues, clients and partners for signature — whether in the same town or across the globe. Another click or tap, and the recipient has imprinted their sign on the document, which is legally binding and instant. As a preferred eSignature solution for SMBs, Signeasy really is that simple and intuitive.

Our small and medium-sized business customers who value efficiency and quick turnaround time, have been able to send automated reminders that eliminate the stress of having to manually follow-up with each remote signer. But what our customers value most right now is the completely touchless experience: no exchange of ‘germ-carrying’ hardcopies or cross-contamination from shared printers, scanners or writing utensils, through this entire process!


Signeasy – The eSignature solution for SMBs


Our customers have been actively sharing their stories of how Signeasy helped them during this crisis:

Gary Arzamendi, President of the Merced City Teachers Association in Central California, has been using Signeasy for years. He uses it to self-sign official paperwork and get approvals from the association’s board members. Arzamendi says that he really depends on it, now more than ever, in a COVID-19 world. “Thank you for making it professionally possible and secure to sign all of my legal documents with this company and its amazing user friendly applications,” he adds.

Laura J Kiel, of home loan company Kiel Mortgage uses Signeasy to secure loans for home buyers. With Signeasy she is able to maintain some sense of normalcy, while helping people fulfill their dreams. She says, “ I simply do not know how we could successfully operate our business at this time without Signeasy. This beautiful app has been a lifesaver ?”

In the shadow of social isolation, people are more anxious than ever before. In response, Texas-based Chupik Counseling altered its operating model to conduct therapy sessions over video calls. This agile company has also gone contact-free with its contracts, using Signeasy. Recently, they have been sending out 50-100 consent forms per week to new clients for eSignature approval.

Industrialist Anil Jain, of Refex Industries Limited, a refrigerant business, says, “My experience with Signeasy has been great. It’s so convenient and during these times, it’s the best thing a company can get. This ensures work doesn’t stop and communications are consistent. All the filings with Statutory departments are also on time because of the convenience of Signeasy.”

Tosha Bowers, head of Avon Grove Charter School’s HR department, recollects how she was unable to get in-person confirmations from teachers regarding their availability for future sessions. Signeasy has enabled the school to secure e-acknowledgements from staff, in a quick and effective manner.

Philip McCrea, of pharma-company Red Nucleus, notes, “In the absence of access to office printers & scanners, Signeasy provides a great way to ensure we can keep our contracts moving and our business running.”

Henry Aspinwall, of moving and storage company Big Orange Truck, says, “Signeasy is an important part of my daily business routine… so helpful in allowing much needed flexibility, now more than ever.”

Amanda Jaten, principal of MeraKalpa Malas, a wellness product company, has been able to use Signeasy to not only keep her business afloat during this crisis, but actually growing revenue. She shares, “I feel fortunate that my business is actually up significantly right now. I attribute that success to my website, social media presence, and the ability to sign invoices and keep paperwork flowing using Signeasy.”

Signeasy is an especially designed eSignature solution for SMBs and is a safe, efficient and stress-free way of sending and signing documents. They are also legal binding. Our super-responsive online support is also always on-call to help you with any concerns regarding Signeasy.

If you are a small or medium sized business owner or an individual proprietor keen to improve your document workflow during the current lockdown and keep contact to a minimum, consider the deeply discounted Signeasy plans – 30% off on the business subscription. Click here and take advantage of these offers.

Alternatively, if you want a quick consultation to understand how Signeasy, as eSignature solution for SMBs can be customized to your needs during these trying times, just send us an email at [email protected] We will do our best to ease you into this new normal.

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