SignEasy simplifies business workflows for professionals & SMBs with the Request Signature feature

SignEasy™, the global choice of electronic signatures for individuals & SMBs, announced the release of the Request Signature feature on its iOS & Android applications. The feature will let users send a document for signature to anyone and get it signed, in minutes.

This feature takes SignEasy from being a self-signing solution to a more business-critical solution where users can invite others to sign – a common business requirement. So far, this feature has been available largely on enterprise-grade eSignature platforms. We are excited to bring it to a growing audience of freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, remote teams, and small businesses.” said Sunil Patro, CEO, SignEasy.

With the Request Signature feature, users can invite others to sign by adding their email addresses and specifying the order of signing. Once the request is sent, the signers are notified to sign the document. All parties receive the completed document once everyone has signed it.

With mobile users comprising over 90% of SignEasy customers, this feature extends SignEasy’s benefits to a larger audience that needs to get paperwork signed remotely. As a customer says “I like the new capability to send a document for signature. I used it to get a disclosure form signed by my brother in Florida for a house we were selling in another state.

With the new Request Signature feature, integrations with cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Chrome extensions for Gmail and Google Drive, SignEasy is well-poised to address the business needs of professionals and SMBs while dealing with customers, partners, and co-workers. “Love from users and recognitions from Google and Apple, such as SignEasy recently being featured in Apple’s commercial, have reiterated our belief of being the simplest and best-in-class eSignature experience,” adds Sunil Patro.

Learn more about the feature here.

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