Accelerating the Tax Refund Process with eSignatures

Every year, over 2 billion Euros are left unclaimed in Europe.

Most travelers who shop in the European Union are unaware of VAT refunds, and this is what Vatfree in Netherlands looks to solve. They assist over 16000 travelers annually who want to shop tax-free in the Netherlands. However, when travelers arrive at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, they often expect a long, cumbersome and tedious process of tax refunds due to previous experiences.

How did Signeasy fit in?
To ease up the refund process for their customers, Vatfree switched to Signeasy. Travelers are greeted with a simple digital process on an iPad. After submitting their receipts, they are asked to fill out and sign a consent form with their personal details. The consent form authorizes Vatfree to collect taxes on their behalf and the money is transferred to the traveler.

What did Signeasy bring to Vatfree and their customers in the process?

  • Efficiency
    Using Signeasy, Vatfree simplifies the refund process for the traveler by cutting down 3 to 5 minutes of the time spent per customer. This meant that for every 12 customers, Vatfree gains an hour in the day.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    By using electronic signatures, Vatfree leverages technology to ensure customers have a fast and hassle-free workflow when it comes to the refund process. Travelers benefit from the digital paperwork process, especially in airports as they tend to be in a hurry.
  • Differentiation
    Vatfree stands out from other companies with their adoption of technology that simplifies their workflows.
  • Social Responsibility
    With the use of electronic signatures and digitized paperwork processes, Vatfree saves paper, contributing to the environment.

Listen to what Henk Smeenk of Vatfree has to say about Signeasy.

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