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Aruba Bank eliminates 60% of paperwork with Signeasy

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Aruba Bank

Aruba Bank eliminates 60% of paperwork with Signeasy

The Company

Since 1925, Aruba Bank has been serving financial clients on its namesake Caribbean island. As the country’s oldest bank, their services include retail, commercial, corporate, and international banking, as well as insurance. Aruba Bank has actively developed its digital and mobile banking capabilities, aiming to provide an online experience as personal and efficient as face-to-face service .

The Challenge

Innovation and a strong focus on customer satisfaction are the core values that define Aruba Bank. To ensure that their customers consistently have the best banking experience, the Aruba team sought to rethink their processes for both in-person and digital banking. During this process, they identified a few key challenges to address:

  • Processing paperwork was taking too long, causing delays while performing essential tasks such as opening a new account or releasing a loan.
  • Customers had to sign off on documents onsite and in-person, causing delays and inconveniences during the onboarding process.
  • The island of Aruba was committed to launch eco-friendly initiatives, and Aruba Bank was keen on being a part of this. Consequently, traditional paperwork wasn’t conducive to this initiative.
  • Any solution implemented by the bank needed to comply with banking regulations. It also needed to be easy for staff to manage and simple for customers to use.

The Solution

Ronald Dorsiel and Kristel de Nobrega were tasked with finding the perfect e-signature solution for Aruba, and they instantly fell in love with Signeasy’s clean, straightforward, easy-to-use interface. Close to 70 form types have been digitized since Aruba Bank introduced Signeasy as the new standard across all branches.

Processing paperwork is now 2x faster

The Self Signing feature in Signeasy enables the user to sign documents themselves, without guidance or external witnesses. This proved to be particularly useful, as the bank officers pre-sign necessary documents and then request customer signatures. Once they are complete, the documents are instantly added to Aruba Bank’s database. This simple change resulted in a turnaround time that is now twice as fast.

A better onboarding experience for new customers

As the name indicates, the In-person Signing feature allows the bank officers to get customers to sign in-person, while the Remote Signing feature enables customers to sign necessary documents anywhere, anytime. This means new customers can open a new account and finish the onboarding process much faster.

Up to 60% reduction in paperwork

With so many documents being signed using the Signeasy app, the sales and customer service teams were able to cut down on paperwork by a whopping 60%. The entire organization is soon to follow suit!

Secure paperwork with audit trails

Signeasy offers audit trails with tamper-proof date stamps for every document signed, making digital signatures as secure, reliable, and legally compliant as possible. With a detailed trail for each transaction, the entire process is easier to track, ensuring gold-standard accountability.

The Pain Point


Collecting signatures on site and in-person was dragging out the onboarding process.

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Signeasy has helped us become more successful in reducing our paperwork by up to 60 percent. For the customer, it has cut down their waiting time, making our processes 2x faster as we now email the final signed paperwork directly.
Nigel Ridderstaat
IT Manager
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