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Husch accelerates speed of NDA agreements with Signeasy


Husch accelerates speed of NDA agreements with Signeasy

The Company

Husch is a hot-off-the-press mobile application with a laser-focused mission: to help entrepreneurs and SMB owners protect their intellectual property by helping them generate simple, legally-binding NDA contracts. Husch aims to significantly reduce the amount of time people spend creating and looking over these types of agreements, providing a platform that can whip up an airtight NDA in just a few minutes.

The Challenge

Dealing with tedious processes and wasting precious time while creating his own NDAs was the push Ricky Lyman needed to found his mobile app, Husch. "Today’s entrepreneur spends too much time on paperwork and setup, and not enough time validating their ideas and envisioning the future, " he said. "I feel this pain every week as I have to manually create an NDA for each person I talk to about a confidential project. I should be able to quickly create an NDA, and send it off under 2 minutes."

Aside from speed, Lyman also identified the need for these agreements to be signed in a legally binding manner to offer users 360-degree security and protection: sacrificing legitimacy for time savings was absolutely not an option.

So, to achieve the security, legality, and efficiency trio, Husch needed to provide an eSignature platform that could deliver all three. Instead of reinventing the wheel and building a solution that could trigger signature requests for the NDA recipient, they began looking for existing solutions that could be integrated into the app.

In brief: what is an eSignature API?
An API is raw open code – in this case, for the Signeasy software – that any developer can embed into their product. Instead of building their own eSignature tool, they can simply integrate our software’s existing capabilities to be used natively. For example, if a developer chose to integrate our API into an HR recruitment software, the process of signing an offer letter would be embedded into their own platform, and therefore “powered by Signeasy.”

Why did Husch choose Signeasy’s API?

The first impression

After contacting over a dozen eSignature providers and conducting a number of demo calls with different companies, Lyman said Signeasy was the clear winner. With each conversation, he was able to gauge the provider's technical aptitudes, whether or not they would be easy to work with, and whether they would be able to live up to their marketing promises. Signeasy checked every box.

Flawless onboarding and support

"Working with the sales staff was the easiest part–maybe too easy!" said Lyman. "Our sales rep came from an engineering background, so he was able to answer the hard questions. I only work with partners that make me feel good about paying for the service." Husch was also very pleased with the service they received from Signeasy's Slack-based support team.

Scalable pricing

Companies should be rewarded for growing and evolving – not penalized. Husch was impressed with the fact that Signeasy's per-page fees decrease as volume increases, and that they'll never be charged for what they don't use.

Comprehensive documentation

The Husch team found our API documentation to be crystal-clear and easy to understand, making for a seamless integration process. Our flexible REST API is compatible with mobile and web-based platforms alike, making it a perfect fit for businesses of all kinds.

Integrated data with OAuth

Thanks to the API's OAuth (Open Authorization) and sandboxing capabilities, the company's clients can also use Signeasy via Husch's in-house platform. This way, Husch does not have to go through the hassle of maintaining their customers' documents and data separately, and each client can customize their experience with unique rules and automated workflows.

Instant updates via webhooks

Our API's webhooks integration delivers real-time updates directly to Husch's dashboard and immediately executes automated workflow triggers, streamlining their processes in a major way and slashing turnaround times for simple processes.

The Pain Point


Building out a custom, legally-binding eSignature component would be a time-consuming hassle; Husch needed an API solution instead.

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"Working with the sales staff was the easiest part–maybe too easy!"
Ricky Lyman
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