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Rent the Chicken processes contracts 3X faster with Signeasy

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Rent The Chicken

Rent the Chicken processes contracts 3X faster with Signeasy

The Company

Are you too chicken to invest in a full-blown hen coop for your backyard? One down-home company understands exactly how you feel! Rent The Chicken is on a mission to bring the joy of producing fresh, ethical eggs to backyards everywhere, without having to commit to a permanent setup. This company operates on a rental basis: they deliver fully-loaded startup packs (which includes food, supplies, a coop, and of course, chickens) to customers across the United States and Canada, to be kept for a period of 5 to 6 months. During that time, renters can enjoy the freshest eggs of their lives every single day, then send the chickens and supplies back to Rent The Chicken at the end of the season.

The Challenge

Rent The Chicken has a lot of ground to cover, and it's a delivery-based service. To get the job done, the company relies on a number of remote affiliates that operate across the United States and Canada. At the time of delivery, Rent The Chicken arrives at the renter’s house with their hens, feed, care instructions, and other important supplies. To complete the transaction, the renter must sign multiple documents at this time, including a credit card authorization form and a legal agreement. They must also make a payment.

Rent The Chicken can expect to handle about 2,000 sheets of paper just in the Pittsburgh area alone according to Homestead Phil, who co-owns the company with Homestead Jenn. Having to keep track of all those documents on-the-go is a huge organizational challenge for Phil and the team, since Jenn must file the hard copies once they get back to the office.

Until then, they are essentially loose papers inside of the delivery vehicle. “Sometimes, we would leave the customer site and some papers wouldn’t get properly filed,” he said. “We just can’t have that.”

  • Rent The Chicken delivery people would misplace physical paperwork during their delivery routes due to organization challenges with their bundles of loose paperwork on the road.
  • With deliveries across Canada and the United States, the company needed a mobile solution that allows for in-person signing.

The Solution

In 2015, on the cusp of a huge wave of growth, Rent The Chicken found Signeasy and never looked back. Now that they’ve made the switch from traditional pen and paper to a mobile e-signature software, the company has completely eliminated the need to keep track of almost a dozen pieces of paper per client while they’re on the road. No more improperly filed legal agreements, no more wasted paperwork processing time.

Getting organized – and staying organized

When there are loose papers being stored inside a moving vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before something gets lost. With Signeasy, Rent The Chicken was able to get organized by creating a centralized, digital and cloud-based hub where all of their agreements could live. Now, when a delivery person arrives onsite, each party now signs the document in-person on an iPad. Then, the client is immediately sent a copy of the freshly-inked digital agreement.

Streamlining on-site service

Since Rent The Chicken collects all the signatures they need upon arrival at the renter’s house, they only have one shot to complete their paperwork quickly, efficiently, and in an organized manner. Signeasy makes this process a breeze thanks to its handy in-person signing feature, which allows all parties to sign the necessary documents on the spot. Being able to instantly complete the credit card authorization form is a particularly important benefit for Rent The Chicken, as it allows them to process the renter’s payment faster than ever before.

Saving time when it matters most

Phil and Jenn, who proudly co-own Rent The Chicken, have a ton of work on their plates. They take all incoming phone calls, manage the company’s social media, handle emails and follow-ups … their to-do list is never-ending. So, as you can imagine, Signeasy has been an indispensable time-saving tool for this busy duo. At the office, Jenn no longer needs to go through the process of printing, stapling, filing, scanning, and saving each agreement since everything is saved within Signeasy and filed digitally. On the road, Phil has slashed his delivery transaction times from 15 minutes to 5! To find more about their services, you can visit Rent The Chicken.

The Pain Point


With deliveries across Canada and the United States, the company needed a mobile solution that allows for in-person signing.

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