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OnBlick automates their HR Workflows with Signeasy API


OnBlick automates their HR Workflows with Signeasy API

The Company

OnBlick is an American company that exists at the crossroads of immigration and HR. Their mission is to ensure HR compliance while immigration documents are being processed: one of the ways in which they accomplish this goal is to digitize and automate government forms so no stone is left unturned. Due to the elaborate and meticulous nature of processing this type of documentation, and given how many high-priority electronic signatures they collect on an ongoing basis, OnBlick needed to choose an API that was both simple and efficient.

The Challenge

With each document that passes through their system, OnBlick isn't just handling digital paper – they're handling people's futures, and there is therefore no time to waste. Their compliance software is required to collect eSignatures from relevant authorities to move the immigration process along, eliminating the herculean task of requesting manual signatures from those same departments. And instead of developing their own eSignature solution in-house, they decided to search for an API provider that could get the job done quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

In brief: what is an eSignature API?
An API is raw open code – in this case, for the Signeasy software – that any developer can embed into their product. Instead of building their own eSignature tool, they can simply integrate our software’s existing capabilities to be used natively. For example, if a developer chose to integrate our API into an HR recruitment software, the process of signing an offer letter would be embedded into their own platform, and therefore “powered by Signeasy.”

Why did OnBlick choose Signeasy’s API?

Industry-leading efficiency

In order to achieve its goal of maintaining HR compliance and processing immigration documents quickly, the company must prioritize efficiency above all. Signeasy’s focus on providing a simple and intuitive experience was a perfect fit for OnBlick, allowing employees and third parties to sign documents and request signatures using a platform they already knew and recognized. Users are also able to see their activity and archive their signed documents inside the company’s own app, making Signeasy a one-stop shop – and central hub – for organization.

No hidden fees

It's all too common for companies to give new users the runaround when it comes to the cost of using their API. OnBlick appreciated Signeasy's totally transparent pricing structure (complete with usage calculator to determine future costs), as well as its scalable pay-as-you-go model that includes webhooks, custom branding, zero setup fees, and per-user billing that gets more affordable with each new seat. Our API is able to grow along with your company, ensuring long-term viability and cost-effectiveness.

Hassle-free integration

The Signeasy API knows how to make a good first impression: OnBlick had a very smooth experience integrating it into their platform, having completed the entire process in just a couple of weeks. Our simple REST API works perfectly on any platform (both mobile and web-based), making it a truly seamless choice no matter your existing framework. In addition, Signeasy's clear, comprehensive documentation showed OnBlick's developers how to get the API integration off the ground with ease.

Superior onboarding and support

“Signeasy’s support team is one of the best we have worked with,” said Srikanth Boundugulapati, CTO at OnBlick. “They are easily approachable, and the speed of their responses to our calls and emails is exceptional. Their team is always ready with the best solutions. ”

Looping clients in

Thanks to the API's oAuth (Open Authorization) and sandboxing capabilities, the company's clients can also use Signeasy via OnBlick's in-house platform. This way, OnBlick does not have to go through the hassle of maintaining their customers' documents and data separately, and each client can customize their experience with unique rules and automated workflows.

Instant updates

Our API's webhooks integration delivers real-time updates directly to OnBlick's dashboard and immediately executes automated workflow triggers, streamlining their processes in a major way and slashing turnaround times for simple processes.

The Pain Point


Needed a reliable API solution to move immigration documents quickly and efficiently.

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“Signeasy’s support team is one of the best we have worked with. They are easily approachable, and the speed of their responses to our calls and emails is exceptional. Their team is always ready with the best solutions.”
Srikanth Boundugulapati
Chief Technology Officer
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