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San Diego Eye Bank enables remote working with Signeasy

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San Diego Eye Bank

San Diego Eye Bank enables remote working with Signeasy


The San Diego Eye Bank (SDEB) has been bringing the “Gift of Sight" to individuals around the world and they did not want to stop when the world came to a standstill during the health-crisis. For their documentation-heavy operations, SDEB was looking for a solution that will help them manage all their paperwork remotely. Here’s how Signeasy helped SDEB keep delivering on their mission, by managing their documents online in a safe and effortless way.

The company

The San Diego Eye Bank (SDEB) helps to facilitate the last wish of organ donors by providing corneas for transplant to patients in need.

For more than 60 years, SDEB has brought the “Gift of Sight" to individuals around the world. Since 1959, they have helped preserve and restore sight to more than 100,000 people worldwide.

The challenge

Dhore Anunciado, Executive Director of SDEB, has been using eSignatures since his team began working from home in the wake of COVID-19. He shared all of the ways in which Signeasy was the perfect fit for their situation.

"Before Signeasy, everything was done manually," he said. “There seemed to be an endless amount of paperwork needing my signature, as the nature of what we do requires a lot of documentation.” For Anunciado, this could be anything from legal documents to lab approvals, budgets, and SOPs.

As the pandemic took hold, SDEB needed to act fast as most of their staff had previously been in-office. While Anunciado had used DocuSign in the past, he decided to look into eSignature solutions that integrated with Microsoft Teams.

The solution

After testing out a couple of different platforms, he settled on Signeasy for the same reason as so many users before him: “I tried a few [eSignature providers], but Signeasy was simply the easiest one to use.”

Here are the features and benefits of Signeasy that have made Anunciado and his team happy customers.

Industry-leading customer care

Getting set up with a brand-new software can raise a few questions along the way. For Anunciado, one of Signeasy's standout features had nothing to do with the interface itself, but with the people behind the product. Out of all the eSignature platforms he considered, Signeasy had the most responsive team by a long shot.

Premier partner integrations

The San Diego Eye Bank has a multitude of projects on Microsoft Teams, each one listed on a shared planner. Whenever a document needs to get signed, it is simply attached to the project card and signed using the Teams extension.

Microsoft Teams Signeasy Integration

"What Signeasy has done is allow us to work remotely without having to go into the office to sign a simple document. More importantly, it allows us to share these documents within a system that we already have in place,” said Anunciado.

Significant time savings

Now that COVID-19 has relegated most of the SDEB staff to work remotely, Anunciado no longer needs to commute to the office to sign every single document. With Signeasy, "Our employees don't have to wait for me to physically sign a document in order to proceed. In addition, I can get signatures from our Board members expeditiously."

The Pain Point


Manage the volume of paperwork that resulted from the sudden transition to remote work, for their documentation-heavy business

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“Before Signeasy, everything was done manually. There seemed to be an endless amount of paperwork needing my signature, as the nature of what we do requires a lot of documentation. We tried a few eSignature providers, but Signeasy was the easiest one to use.
Dhore Anunciado
Executive Director
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