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A paperless HR department with SignEasy

Get rid of paperwork hassles and focus on
recruiting good talent, streamlining organizational processes and improving employee productivity.

Features and Benefits

Recruit and onboard faster

Don’t let the right candidate slip away. Get offer letters signed by potential employees in minutes. New employees can fill and sign forms easily and spend the first few days getting to know the team instead.

Ensure a positive employee experience

Being sensitive towards your workforce by making processes easier goes a long way in creating a delightful experience for the employees.

Get faster approvals

Smooth over HR workflows like involving leave and expense management, payroll and other employee related processes by getting faster approvals.

Ensure accuracy and compliance

Minimize inconsistencies and mistakes that creep in invariably with traditional paperwork. Additionally, enable your HR department to never miss key checkpoints and stay compliant with important processes, laws and audits.

Switch to an end-to-end digitized process

Electronic signatures help you in bridging the last mile disconnect in an end-to-end digitized process. Ensure, convenience and cost-efficiency, by moving every part of the documentation process online. You can easily maintain, search and retrieve your electronic records.

Use Cases

HR professionals can use SignEasy to get documents signed across different stages of the employment cycle, such as

  • Offer letters
  • NDA
  • Consent for background check
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Handbook acknowledgment
  • Organizational policies
  • Code of conduct
  • Leave approvals
  • Timesheets
  • Claims
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Promotion approvals
  • Exit forms
  • No-dues document
  • Internal hiring letters

“Previously, we had to wait for weeks for the contracts and letters of assurance to be returned before we could file them. With SignEasy, the whole process has been reduced and simplified now to a task that takes less than 10 hours. “

Kathy Winchell | HR Director, Dalhart ISD

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