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Icelandair modernizes business workflows with Signeasy

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Icelandair modernizes business workflows with Signeasy


Icelandair, the iconic European airline soars high among players in the travel and hospitality industry. Being a multi-billion dollar company with stakeholders and employees across the globe meant a diverse set of important documents and contracts signed on a regular basis. When they realized that Signet, an Icelandic digital signature system, was too complicated to get signatures from people who didn’t live and work in Iceland or didn’t have access to an Icelandic electronic ID, they turned to Signeasy.


Founded in 1937, Icelandair is the flag carrier airline of Iceland and its brand  stands for simplicity, reliability and passion.  This translates to their important network of operating 600+ safe and reliable flights to 40 destinations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Icelandair is loved for its excellent customer support and innovative value proposition of promoting Iceland as a layover destination for flights between Europe and North America.


Addressing national restrictions

Before Icelandair signed up with Signeasy, they were using an Icelandic digital signature system called Signet to collect signatures. Each time a signature request was made, they had to open the notification and approve the request. The users were required to have an email address and phone number, Icelandic registry number (kennitala), and valid digital certificates. 

For a multinational firm like Icelandair, this process had started to become a regular inconvenience especially because they had many of their C-suite staff,  board of directors, and partners spread across the world. 

Without these Icelandic digital certificates, it was exceedingly difficult to add new people to the system, which meant that many of the staff working outside of Iceland were unable to sign and send documents out for signature.

The search for a world-class solution  

Icelandair needed to replace Signet with an eSignature product that is easy-to-use, reliable, and adheres to all the security and compliance requirements of the EU. The finance, accounts, and the procurements teams needed a solution that was flexible, offered excellent customer support and allowed them to send unlimited documents for signing.  

“It was really frustrating when so many systems we looked at started charging extra to sign more documents,” said Birgitta Bender, Internal Solutions Manager (IT Department).

Icelandair looked at this new eSignature solution as a way to transition into a modern workflow, given the airline’s worldwide growth, and the opportunity to enhance employee and partner experience significantly. And so they set out on a mission to streamline processes, and to cut time spent on collecting signatures.

As the IT and procurement team at Icelandair scoured the market for a solution, they found plenty of potential platforms, but they came with very poor customer reviews. This was a business-critical solution that involved multiple workflows internally and externally, so the team was particular on choosing an eSignature platform that put customer centricity and support above all else. 


A modern eSignature workflow for an iconic brand 

A simple Google search led Birgitta Bender to Signeasy. With a reputation for excellent support and onboarding, Signeasy was the obvious choice for Icelandair. 

“When we looked up Signeasy, we were delighted to see a lot of great customer reviews on many software review sites. We instantly knew who would be our perfect match.”

Signeasy’s intuitive user experience significantly sped up Icelandair’s onboarding process, and the teams find it delightfully easy for a number of different use cases.

  • Vendor agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Staff contracts
  • Financial reports
  • Supplier contracts

Their financial operations team uses Signeasy to collect signatures from auditors, get financial statements signed by the board of directors, and for critical partnership contracts with hotels brands  and service providers. The procurement team uses it for various Services Agreements, Crew Transportation Agreement Contracts, etc. The IT department uses Signeasy for signing vendor agreements and other documents in adherence to their cloud-based safety, quality, and risk management system—ASQS.

Signeasy helps Icelandair rapidly prepare documents, collect signatures, set approval flows, and also follow-up automatically, thus streamlining workflows, and making lives easier. C-suite executives living outside of Iceland use Signeasy to sign important documents within minutes any time, any place and from any device. 

In addition to ease of use, Birgitta Bender was further impressed at how much time the company has saved with electronic signatures.

The Pain Point


Needed an easy way to connect with staff and partners dispersed across the globe.

48,000 businesses use Signeasy everyday to automate contract workflows

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“The biggest benefit is time savings, especially during Covid-19 when everyone was working from home. We were having to go to the office to sign and scan documents, which took weeks to get things going. Now it’s all done electronically in just minutes from anywhere in the world.”
Birgitta Guðmundsdóttir Bender
Solutions Manager
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