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Commercial invoice template

When exporting goods, you must use a commercial invoice template as proof of the value and type of goods being sold and transported. This document is typically formulated to answer common questions posed by customs authorities. 

Specifically, it helps the customs department calculate the duties that will apply to your international shipment. 

Instead of creating the invoice from scratch, use Signeasy’s free downloadable commercial invoice template.

What is a commercial invoice template?

Commercial invoices are documented proof of a cross-border transaction between a supplier (or exporter) and a buyer. They are created and dispatched by the seller along with the goods being sold. 

Different shipping companies tend to require specific commercial invoices, such as:

  • DHL Commercial Invoice 
  • FedEx Commercial Invoice 
  • UPS Commercial Invoice
  • USPS Commercial Invoice 

A properly filled commercial invoice template can help reduce customs delays, like if a customs officer needs to spend more time examining the shipment. Since the form clearly describes the type of goods enclosed and its history, customs authorities can be assured that the shipment is safe and secure, allowing your goods to enter the destination country faster.

Remember: The details in the commercial Invoice must match the customs entry form.  

How to sign a commercial invoice template

1. Download and fill-in Commercial Invoice template.

2. Verify details on the invoice and check with your local Customs and Border protection.

3. Upload the commercial invoice template on Signeasy.

4. Add a wet, ink-like signature on the document with a few clicks.

5. Attach the signed commercial invoice to the package.

Checklist: details to include in a commercial invoice template

When filling out our free commercial invoice template, there are certain pieces of information you’ll need to include. When all of these details are filled in, the document will be considered complete and ready to be presented to customs:

  • Exporter’s name and address
  • Exporter’s logo
  • Exporter’s contact name & number
  • Air waybill number
  • Invoice number
  • Tax ID
  • Factory order ID
  • Country of export
  • Destination country
  • Date of export
  • Carrier
  • Purchase order number
  • Reason for export
  • Consignee name and contact details
  • Buyer name and contact details
  • Freight terms
  • Taxes to shipper
  • Description of goods being shipped (alongwith HS code or commodity code)
  • Units of goods shipped 
  • Country of origin of each product
  • Unit value of goods 
  • Total value of goods in the shipment
  • Total weight of goods in the shipment
  • Terms of sale
  • Total number of packages in the shipment
  • Dimensions of each package
  • Method of transport
  • Shipment charges
  • Declaration and signature of exporter

Why use Signeasy for signing commercial invoices?

If you are worried about how to sign your commercial invoice template remotely without going to a shipping dock or warehouse, Signeasy can help. Simply use our intuitive mobile app or desktop solution to upload the template and sign it with a few clicks.

Here are some of the other benefits of using Signeasy:

  1. Allows you to save a legal record of your commercial invoices on the cloud
  2. Makes it easy to track the electronic document flow from person to person (audit trail for legal purposes)
  3. Integrates with your ERP solutions so you can sign the commercial invoice template without toggling away from your usual workflow
  4. Ensures that your invoice and information are totally secure by offering biometric security features
  5. Stores files securely on the cloud with SSL encryption

Ready to start electronically signing your first invoice? Go ahead sign up for Signeasy’s 14-day free trial!

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a commercial invoice?

  1. Start with a free commercial invoice template.
  2. Insert your brand’s logo.
  3. Check if it has all the essential fields, such as exporter and buyer details, air waybill, shipment details, etc.
  4. Calculate and input the cost and weight of the shipment.
  5. Include the shipment charges.
  6. Acknowledge the accuracy of the details provided by signing the invoice.

What should a commercial invoice include?

  • Exporter’s details
  • Air waybill number
  • Invoice number
  • Tax ID
  • Country of export
  • Destination country
  • Date of export
  • Carrier
  • Purchase order number
  • Reason for export
  • Buyer name and contact details
  • Terms of sale and freight
  • Taxes to shipper
  • Description of goods being shipped
  • Total value, count, and weight of goods in the shipment
  • Dimensions of each package

What is meant by a commercial invoice?

A commercial invoice is a legal document that contains all the details of an international shipment. It helps fast-track the customs clearance process so that the shipment reaches the buyer without delay.

Is a commercial invoice the same as an invoice?

A commercial invoice is created to speed up international deliveries (especially customs clearance), while an invoice is a bill that is shared once a product or service is delivered.

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Commercial invoice template
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