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Statement of Work Template

If you have signed an agreement with a client and want to get started on the project, it's helpful to use a statement of work template before you begin. While the main agreement should include a holistic view of the project, this legally binding agreement between client and vendor clearly outlines the requirement, scope of work, milestones, costs, deliverables, and other important per-agreed terms and conditions.

Read on to learn more about the many clauses included in this template so you know exactly what type of agreement you’re getting into.

Signing a statement of work template

Once it’s ready to be signed, upload your statement of work template to Signeasy (start a 14-day free trial if you’re not a user already) to save time on drafting, signing, and sending the file for signature. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the typical statement of work document lifecycle:

  1. Replace the placeholder text in our SOW template with your own details
  2. Each party makes edits to the template, if required
  3. Upload the SoW template to Signeasy (Sign-up for the 14-day free trial)
  4. Click on any part of the document to add a signature
  5. Click “Finish” 
  6. Enter the recipient’s details to send the document to the next signer

Understanding the statement of work template

Whether you are a service provider, consultant, or a party executing a project, you should prepare a statement of work (SOW) document. Why?

  1. It helps you set expectations for the job at hand.
  2. It shows clients what to expect from your business.

In short, this type of document helps you avoid unpleasant surprises after the project starts, such as the client expecting different work or faster timelines.

Now that we know what statement of work documents are for, here is an overview of the different sections within our free statement of work template :


Start the SOW agreement with the involved parties’ details, and the date that the contract will become binding. Also mention how this SOW links to the master service agreement.

Additionally, you need to outline a course of action in case either party needs clarity regarding any of the terms in the SOW. 

Project details

Before getting into the terms and conditions of the SOW, the template makes note of the project’s name, the types of services and materials provided (we will address this in detail in the next section), the purpose of the project, and its location.

It is also best to include the different phases of the project, along with the various project stakeholders’ contact details.

Scope of work

All of the work that must be completed should be outlined in the “scope of work” section. Here, you can detail the materials or services required, the execution plan, the expected results, and the deadline for each job.

Duration of SOW

This section of our free SoW template outlines the timeline during which the vendor will be rendering their services. Apart from the start and end date of the project, be sure to also mention how the contract timeline can be changed.

Completion criteria

The client’s definition of work completed may be different from that of the vendor. To avoid confusion about what constitutes completed work, this section clearly mentions the conditions that indicate the jobs related to this SOW have been completed.

You can also add a provision that allows the Parties to cancel a deliverable with advance written notice.


Here you want to include all assumptions made while estimating costs and scoping the amount of work that this SOW will entail. 

Of course, each SOW will have a different set of assumptions based on the project, industry, and the Master Agreement.

Price and payment schedule

As the name of the section suggests, this part of the statement of work template focuses on the cost of materials and labor. You can list all these details in a table format. Be sure to also mention the upper limit of the budget and timeline.

Invoicing and out-of-pocket expenses

Here, you will detail how and when to invoice the client, as well as what type of penalty will be imposed if the client defaults on the payment.

The conditions for invoicing out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the vendor, like travel and business lunches, should also be mentioned.

Project change process

If there are any changes to the SOW required by either party, they need to submit a PCR request. This section outlines the steps involved in requesting for and implementing the change.

Acknowledge and sign

Finally, once the SOW work document has been shared and mutually accepted, each party’s representative needs to sign on the dotted line. 

It's very important that the names of the representatives are inputted correctly. 

At the end of the SOW, you can also mention that the Master Agreement has been attached to this document for easy reference.

Frequently asked questions

Most statement of work documents are slightly different from one another. However, to get you started with creating your first SOW, our statement of work template is a great place to start. 

If you still have questions about the SOW template, read on.

How do you write a statement of work?

  1. Mention project details, SOW start date, and introduce the parties involved.
  2. Create a project schedule and mention milestones.
  3. Outline the project scope of work, objectives, and expected ROI.
  4. Set a project term.
  5. Mention the project assumptions and completion identifiers.
  6. Note the project costs and the payment/invoice schedule.
  7. Specify the steps required to make changes to the SOW.
  8. Add a section for acknowledgement (via eSignature) of the SOW by all relevant parties.

How do you create a SOW document?

  1. Download our ready-to-use statement of work template.
  2. Review the format.
  3. Add or remove sections, as per your project and company needs.
  4. Fill in the areas that have placeholders with project details.
  5. Share with the other party for review.
  6. Add signature fields.
  7. Sign the document once both parties have approved the SOW.

What is the difference between a statement of work and a performance work statement?

While a statement of work (SOW) outlines how and when to complete a project, a  performance work statement (PWS) only highlights the expected outcomes.

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