Five reasons your sales team needs Electronic Signatures

This is 2018. Your sales team needs electronic signatures in order to increase their potential and improve overall customer productivity.

Are you noticing that there is always a delay between the lead coming in and actually securing your business by getting the all-important documents signed?

Do you sometimes lose out because your competitor got their contract out to your potential client before you did?

Does your sales team complain that they are spending far too much time working on the administrative part of their job and not enough time on the actual lead gen and follow up?

Well there’s one easy way to overcome all of these challenges: by getting your sales team to begin using electronic signatures.

In fact, we guarantee that it won’t just be your sales team who benefit, but your entire organization!

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1. Increase efficiency

There is one telling statistic that sales teams need to be relieved of administrative duties: According to a McKinsey Global Institute as reported by Hubspot, just 39% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling or interacting with prospects and customers!

In fact, according to HBR research a whopping 21% of a salesperson’s time is spent on admin.

The only way to increase productivity is by giving the power to your sales team to be effective and efficient.

The number one reason that sales teams fail according to is because they are disorganized.

When your sales team adopt electronic signatures, you will notice that there is an improved company work flow process. Think about it.

All your paperwork becomes digital, so you can easily share the correct information in the same system without the risk of information getting lost in transit.

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There is no longer that disconnect between your sales and execution – whether it is between the logistics and operations team or the finance team.

You don’t need to be dependent on physical paperwork, which means that the contracts can immediately be in the right person’s hands at the click of a button.

No need for fax machines, photocopy shops or printers. No need for physical filing either – everything gets stored in your own secure cloud.

Your sales team needs electronic signatures!

Signeasy is the best electronic signature in terms of its ability as an easy-to-use open source solution. It’s ideal for SMBs who already have existing business solutions in place that require a complementary system for digital documentation.

Signeasy easily synchronises with all the top business cloud storage solutions, such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

You can also connect it up with your company’s CRM system, and Signeasy has integration with Zoho and Gmail.

We have clients across an array of industries – real estate, education, healthcare, law, travel, construction, rental companies and creative media – to name just a few.

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With the centralized solution of electronic signatures, you’re literally democratizing administration!

2. Make it convenient

Fast turnaround is the key to successful business.

Reduce time between the verbal agreement and getting the contract! Regardless of your industry, your sales team is probably missing a trick if you’re not able to quickly deliver the paperwork needed to secure the contract.

Every. Minute. Matters.

Do your sales people travel to meet clients? Whether it is 15 kms or 15,000 kms, there is always going to be a delay in your paperwork processing if you’re still stuck with physical documents.

If your sales people can’t be online but need a signature then there is no need to go back and email / post / fax through the agreement.

They can get the appropriate paperwork signed on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, which will update the original document when they are next online.

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If you are in the USA, have a potential client in China and a logistics team in Guatemala, then you can easily get the documents signed by your client remotely, self-sign it yourself, and then send it to your logistics team.

What’s more, Signeasy works in over 22 languages, making it particularly attractive to companies doing business internationally.

Signeasy is available on iOs and Android and has a very easy way to import existing company templates or documentation in almost any file type, including images.

You can then have the paperwork amended and annotated as required before it is signed, dated and stored. Done deal!

“With Signeasy, completing and maintaining contracts with our ever-growing list of hotel partners has become a breeze. It has helped increase efficiency and team productivity.” Subramanya Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleartrip

What if you need to make a quick amendment to an agreement? It’s so much faster to do this digitally with Signeasy than with physical paperwork, which would need to be modified, reprinted and distributed (yawn).

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3. Establish legal, safe and secure documentation

Electronic signatures in digital paperwork are legally binding.

With IP addresses, geographic locations, date and time stamps and verified emails, you gain an entire data trail compared to physical paperwork. This is ideal if you need accountability and verifiable confirmation.

This information is always available to you within your Signeasy dashboard. You can also when you receive notifications of confirmation of any newly signed documents that were out for signing.

Any documents you import are automatically converted into PDFs for additional security.

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Whether your documentation is simply being stored or in transit to get signed, it is always encrypted, meaning even if hackers were to somehow successfully get through all the layers of security they would not be able to read the documents.

Digital documentation is so much more secure and easier to maintain AND access than your old rusty padlocked filing cabinet. Period.

You can restrict access to your Signeasy documents with different levels of user access, which adds an extra layer of security to your critical data.

If you have concerns about compliance with all the recent personal data privacy regulations then we’ve got that covered too! Signeasy is compliant with the EU’s GDPR and also the US ESign Act.

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4. Quicker invoicing

The most common cross-department complaint in any organization tends be between sales and finance teams! Why is that?

Well firstly, sales commissions and bonuses ride on accurate reporting, and finance teams rely on accurate information to invoice accordingly.

Somewhere along the way, a disconnect occurs. A salesperson says they sold a certain amount for the month, but the numbers from the financial reporting show differently.

It’s usually due to a clerical error: a failure from the sales team to pass over the right figures or details, or the finance teams going on – incorrect – assumptions.

Your sales team needs electronic signatures!

Sometimes an invoice gets missed and so the salesperson has to deal with a client who is simply sitting and waiting for their product or service having not paid up.

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Make it easier for your finance team and keep your sales teams happy.

Your signed digital contracts or POs can easily get passed over directly and immediately to your finance team so they have all the relevant information to invoice your clients, ensuring that payment delays never come from your side.

“The accounts team is getting things rolling a lot faster. They have all the documents they need in the Signeasy app – it’s very user-friendly for our lawyers who don’t use iPads that often.” – Go to Court Lawyers (GTC)

5. Improve your profit margin

All the above reasons will easily improve your profit margin but here is one other good reason why your sales team now need electronic signatures: affordability.

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Compared with the administration and maintenance costs of physical paperwork, in which you have to buy, store, and distribute all your documentation, electronic signatures are a far cheaper solution.

If you are looking for the best value electronic signature solution for your SMB then Signeasy is absolutely it! Don’t just take our word for it – read these third-party reviews too!

You may think that adopting electronic signatures into your workplace is a major headache, but actually you would be surprised just how easy it is.

One of the major benefits of Signeasy is that it doesn’t go over-the-top with its features – the tool and apps are simple to use so that even the most non-techie individual in your company will be able to work with ease.

Troy Erstling, Head of Sales and Business Development, is all too aware how much Signeasy can help sales teams across a wide range of industries.

“I see a lot of companies who chase clients around for signatures, and their clients take forever simply because print/sign/scan takes them a long time and falls by the wayside of priorities. When their clients have an alternative, it saves THEM time, which in turn saves YOU time. Helping yourself by helping others.”

If 5 reasons aren’t enough, we have a bonus reason, given to us by Jeff Skipper of Jeff Skipper Consultancy:

“I can impress clients with the use of current tech.”

We’ve said it once and we will say it again. This is 2018: Your sales team needs electronic signatures.

Give your sales team a helping hand! Try our 15-day free trial, or request a demo today!

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