5 ways e-signatures make life better

If we are making a list of our favorite things to do, we can safely say that paperwork probably won’t feature in the top 10 (or 100, if we are being honest). The dream of having a paperless office is one that has been brewing for many companies over the years, and for good reason; a recent study found that there are over 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S alone, a number that is growing by 22% every year.

E-signatures are the simplest and most obvious step towards handling paperwork more efficiently, evidenced by the impressive growth in recent years: in 2017, the number of e-signature transactions crossed 750 million. Crossing that threshold was a group effort, backed by more than large enterprises or businesses; independent consultants, small business owners, and independent professionals have a lot to gain from implementing e-signatures to make everyday life easier. Here’s how:

Close that deal on time

Picture this: it’s the end of the quarter, you’ve had a decent run and you’re about to close out your final deal. If this one goes through, you’ll end your quarter on a great note. You’ve done your due diligence, and all that’s left to do is sign the contract. If you are relying on traditional paperwork, many things can go wrong – there could be a missed initial here and there, some papers might go missing in transit, or the client might not have access to a printer immediately. Time is of the essence during a deal, so make the transaction seamless by giving your clients the option to sign the contract digitally!

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Avoid that printer whenever possible

Anyone who has ever been near a printer can vouch that it is a despicable machine whose inner workings remain a mystery to 99% of those who use it… Which is why any and all opportunities to not interact with one must be taken without a second thought. It should also be noted that It should also be noted that 45% of the paper printed in an office will be found in a trash can at the end of the day, which is a terrible, terrible waste. By adopting an e-signature solution, you will save at least 80% of pages printed.

Get your documents done right, the first time

Let’s face it, we could all do with fewer emails in our inbox. Getting a document signed and avoiding errors the first time around means you can at least save yourself from the pain of the universally-dreaded back-n-forth thread. Signeasy incorporates a Document Fields feature, which allows you to guide users through a document signature by signature. This prevents the issue of missed signatures, dates, initials, and other such details.

Create a fantastic employee experience, right from the offer letter

An e-signature solution is a must-have tool for every HR’s arsenal. One small but interesting way to use e-signature technology is to enable it for job offer letters. It is a simple way of showing that you put thought into making things convenient for anyone who is looking to join your organization while kicking off a great onboarding experience.

Show your customers that you care

Finally, an example we can all relate to – remember how great it was when postmen and couriers started collecting our signatures digitally? No more fumbling around for a pen or tearing the delivery slip to shreds while signing against the palm of your hand. Any service-based industry is sure to find an e-signature solution endlessly useful; not only does it add an element of professionalism to your business, but it also makes for a great customer experience. This holds true especially for the banking, finance, and legal industries, as they encounter a high volume of paperwork on a regular basis.

Have you ever run into a situation in which a solution or app has come to your rescue? Do write to us and let us know! 

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