Eliminate manual effort: automate events between Signeasy and your favorite tools

Nothing gives us a greater sense of fulfilment than our users making Signeasy a core part of their collaborative workflow. And, in the spirit of collaboration, we have partnered with many leading software providers to help our users solve more problems with less friction.

Partner integrations are the key to removing friction between different steps in a workflow. And now, thanks to our friends at Zapier, Signeasy users can leverage the power of automation to create even smoother digital processes.

If you use any of the partner apps listed below, you can now trigger automated events between Signeasy and your favorite tools.

For Google Workspace Users

If you use our Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Drive integrations to request eSignatures, you already know just how key these platforms can be for collaboration. But what happens after signing is complete?

Once a signed document is sent your way, its arrival can trigger additional notifications. Does your colleague need to send out another document? Is there a payment to be made? A follow-up to be booked? Whatever comes next, we can help automate the steps that put everything in motion.

For Microsoft Users

As an Outlook, OneDrive, or Teams user, you’re likely exchanging documents with remote colleagues on a daily basis. Whenever you need a signature, these Microsoft tools integrate with Signeasy to create a more collaborative eSignature process – and now, parts of that process can be automated to maximize efficiency.

When you receive a signed document via Outlook, OneDrive, or Teams, it can serve as a trigger that deploys notifications to others, or automatically completes follow-up actions.

For Cloud Storage Users

Our integrations with Box and Dropbox allow our users to seamlessly sign documents with Signeasy, then file them in the storage cloud of choice. Our latest enhancements, however, make this process a two-way street.

Once an important document is signed and placed in your cloud storage drive, make sure others know it’s there!. Now, you can set up notifications to be triggered upon receipt of an executed document, and let the software handle the rest!

Signeasy’s goal is to enable collaboration before, during, and after the signing of a document. Partnering with Zapier has allowed us to bring a fresh new element of automation to the integrations you already use, taking even more work off your plate.

Automate key workflow events between Signeasy and your favorite collaboration & productivity tools now.

Try it today!

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