How to sign documents in Gmail

Signing in Gmail is easy with our Gmail add-on

How to sign a document on Gmail

Today, everyone is still working from home and struggling to juggle work and personal life. To optimize working hours, users want to sign and send documents without ever leaving their Gmail inbox. If you are wondering how to sign documents in gmail quickly, then choose to eSign from within Gmail using an add-on

How to sign a document on Gmail in 5 easy steps:

  1. Install Signeasy’s Gmail Inbox add-on.
  2. Link it to your email account. 
  3. Open the email with attachments that need to be signed. 
  4. Click on the ‘Sign’ button and then click on ‘Sign Yourself’. 
  5. Choose whether you want to draw, type or upload your a signature image.

And that’s it - your document is signed and ready to be sent! 

Read on for a more detailed guide on how to sign a document on Gmail.

A step-by-step guide to approving documents within your Gmail Inbox

With this email signature integration, we give over 1.5 billion active Gmail users the power to electronically sign their important documents, all from the comfort of their preferred email app.

You can use the Gmail add-on to:

  1. Sign an online document yourself
  2. Request a signature from others

Additionally, you can download or attach the signed file to the existing thread directly.

Here is how users can streamline their document signing workflows, from within the G-Suite apps they already use daily:

Installing the Gmail electronic signature add-on

When you download this Signeasy add-on, you will be able to sign documents or send them out for signature without ever leaving Gmail! But, first you need to install the Gmail electronic signature solution. Just follow the next few steps to get Signeasy for Gmail linked to your email inbox:

  • To install Signeasy Gmail Add-on, head to our listing on Google Workspace Marketplace. Alternatively, you may open the Google Workspace Marketplace from within your Gmail via the + icon on the toolbar.
  • Clicking on the + icon opens the Google Workspace Marketplace within Gmail. Type in “Signeasy” in the search bar to find us.
  • Click on “Install”. A modal asking for permissions will pop up. Click on “Continue” to proceed.

That’s it! The add-on is installed and you can easily access it through the sidebar on your Gmail inbox.

How do I sign a PDF file in gmail (or Gmail attachment)

  • After logging in, the attachments (if any) in the currently open email will automatically be fetched by the Gmail electronic signature add-on.
  • Click on “Sign Yourself”, Signeasy will open in a new tab.
  • Click on “Finish” when done. You will automatically be redirected to Gmail when done.

After After signing the e-contract you have an option to:

  • Download the file
  • Attach & Reply
  • Sign another document
  • Rate us

How do I send an attachment for eSignature via Gmail?

Apart from signing the email attachments, you can send the attachment back without ever leaving Gmail. Here are the steps to do so:

  • After logging in, the attachments (if any) in the currently open email will automatically be fetched by the add-on.
  • Click on “Request Signature”, Signeasy will open in a new tab. Fill up the necessary information and send the signature request.
  • Once sent, you will be redirected into Gmail automatically.

Your email inbox is the hub of our daily hustle. To aid you in getting through these emails faster, Signeasy has placed the e-signature solution at your fingertips via Gmail. Download the Signeasy app and then Install the Signeasy for Google Workspace extension today to actually improve business productivity

Why sign a document on Gmail with Signeasy? 

Signeasy’s electronic signature for Gmail is one of our most popular add-ons - amongst our growing web of Google integrations that improves efficiency of online contract signing workflow. Signeasy’s Add-on for Google Workspace was revealed at Google Cloud Next ‘19 to demonstrate how Google Workspace users can streamline their document signing workflows, all from within the Google Workspace apps they already use daily. 

  • Our Simple eSignatures add-on integrates smoothly with Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and Drive to improve paperwork turnaround time.
  • The Signeasy add-on enables you to instantly add a signature, date, name, and any number of other fields directly to any file attachment within Gmail, and then re-attach the signed document in a reply to the original email thread - from within the side panel. 
  • No uploading required!
  • Not only is it really secure, legally-binding and, device-and-browser-agnostic but also productivity boosting and incredibly affordable (low as $8 per month)

See the Signeasy magic in action, click here for a free trial.


Clearly, using an electronic Signature solution like Signeasy is the best way to sign a document on Gmail. But, if you are looking for more clarity on how, here are responses to some commonly asked questions:

How to sign a document in an email?

To sign an online document within your email app, you need to install an eSignature app like Signeasy, and link it to your email account. Whenever you receive a document to be signed, you will find a ‘Sign’ button in the open email. Click on ‘Sign Yourself’ and click on the relevant area of the document to incorporate your online signature. Then hit send!

How do I sign a PDF in Gmail?

It's incredibly simple to sign PDFs online. You just need to have an electronic Signature app integrated with your email app. Once you have done that, just open the email with the PDF, click on the ‘Sign now” button and click anywhere on the PDF to add your signature. Once done, you will be redirected to your gmail inbox.

How do you sign a Google Doc?

With just a few clicks you can easily sign google doc files with Signeasy’s Gmail add-on, without ever having to move out of the email app. And once you sign and send the document, you can even track and send out reminders to other signers from within Gmail itself.

Can I sign a document on Gmail for free?

Yes, eSignature solutions that have email integrations like Signeasy allow you to sign documents from within the email app. If you want to try it for free, just check out the trial version.