How Cleartrip improved operational efficiency using Signeasy

Founded in 2006, Cleartrip was started with a simple mission in mind: to offer seamless customer-centric travel experiences. With an exhaustive listing of over 600,000 hotels around the world, it is now one of the leading players in India’s online travel space. The company’s impressive growth, however, came at a cost – new hotel partners were being onboarded at a snail’s pace.

Following suit, when they were looking for an e-signature solution to chase away frustrating paperwork, they chose Signeasy. Packed with features such as in-person and remote signing and reusable document templates, Signeasy equips Cleartrip to offer a pleasant partner onboarding experience.

Before digging deeper into how Signeasy helped Cleartrip improve operational efficiency, let’s take a closer look at the challenge the company was up against.

The Challenge: Annoying paperwork was driving down team efficiency

Cleartrip was looking to expand their footprint in West Asia. At its core, this plan revolved around heavy investments in the hotels segment. The team was working hard at ramping up the product to offer an enhanced hotel experience. However, even with an extensive team spread across India, scaling up the hotel partner onboarding process was quite a struggle.

One of the key areas they tussled with revolved around partnership paperwork. Once the partner received the contract, they had to fill in their details, sign and courier it back to the head office. More often than not, this called for a lot of back and forth, as most hotel partners often missed out on some mandatory details.

How Signeasy helped simplify Cleartrip’s partner onboarding process

(1) Speed up partner documentation setup process

Setting up a partner contract that spans 12 pages, for multiple hotels, can be quite a cumbersome daily task. Signeasy’s Templates feature saved the team from spending time on such tasks.

They could simply create a partner contract template and edit it directly to send out a new one. About 50% of the contracts send out by the hotels team at Cleartrip, have been created using this feature.

(2) Ensure faster turnaround of contracts

Powered with the capability to guide partners through the mandatory fields in the contract, the team was able to onboard partners faster. Over the span of a little more than 3 months, over 8,000 partner contracts have been signed using Signeasy.

(3) Track progress of partner contracts with ease

With Signeasy, if a partner was yet to sign a contract, the hotels team could simply send out a reminder to hasten the process.With-Signeasy-completing-and-maintaining-contracts-has-become-a-breeze

(4) Offer enhanced mobile on-boarding experience

One of the big questions facing digital businesses in the Indian market is – How do we bring less tech-savvy users onboard?. Signeasy’s in-person signing feature allowed the team to meet such partners in-person and get their signature.

(5) Easy access to previously signed partner contracts

Retrieving an old contract from a huge stack can be time-consuming. Signeasy relieved the team of this burden by archiving all signed partner contracts in one place. This helped them build better relationships with their partners.Signeasy-has-helped-us-drive-team-efficiency-and-productivity

Empowering Cleartrip to put customers first

Signeasy has helped Cleartrip bring new hotel offerings to the market faster. In a highly competitive market such as the Indian online travel, this could have a significant impact on revenue. Especially with one in three hotel rooms predicted to be booked online by 2020, according to a recent Google India-BCG report.

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Having seen Signeasy’s capability to manage partner contract workflows with ease, the hyper-local team at Cleartrip was quick to adopt the solution. Currently, the team leverages Signeasy to execute over 2,000 contracts/month. Not only has this simplified the vendor onboarding process but has also helped enhance their relationship with vendors.

Struggling with time-consuming partnership paperwork? Sign up for our free trial to provide a top-notch partner onboarding experience today!

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